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Do each workout 2x/week alternating days.  Do not train more than 2 days in a row.  Once you are done each workout 6 times let me know and I will give you something else.  Intervals can be done 2-3x/week on non consecutive days.  Let me know if these do not work because it is too busy or needs to be arranged different.


Day 1

Exercise OrderExerciseSetsRepsTempoRest Break (sec)
A2Lat Pulldown Underhand Grip41531X120
B1Leg Curl Prone41531X120
B2Standing DB Press41530X120
C1Russian Step Up415201120
C2Reverse Crunch On Incline415201020
D1Rope Curl315311120
D2Rope Extension315311120


Day 2

Exercise OrderExerciseSetsRepsTempoRest Break (sec)
A1Split Squat Front Foot Elevated415301120
A2Incline DB Press 60 Degree41530X120
B1Romanian Deadlift415301120
B21 Arm DB Row415301120
C1Leg Press41540X120
C2Calf Raise Leg Press415211120
D1Row To Neck Rope315311120
D2DB Side Laterals315201020