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Hi  Josh,

This diet will last 12 Weeks then we will take a small diet break.

So for quick shopping go buy your meat- so anything that runs, flies or swims, eggs, nuts and then use vegetables that are in the diet.  No starchy veg no carrots corn peas potatoes.

160g protein/day=     50g protein/meal @3 meals/day

640g meat/day,=  215g meat/meal @3 meals/day

So your day would look like this:


215g meat+1 small handfuls of nuts




plain greek yogurt with protein powder or stevia(To amount to 50g protein)

Lunch and supper are the same:

215g meat and veg from the list.

I want everything weighed all the time.  This is very important.

Keep a food log and send me every few days so that we make sure that you are doing the diet right.


Podaima Performance Diet PDF

Dailyweeklychecklist PDF

Grocery Checklist PDF







Josh Day 1 PDF

A1. Barbell Squat

A2. Lat Pulldown Overhand Shoulder Width Grip

B1. Leg Curl Prone

B2. Incline DB Press 45 Degree

C1. Step Up

C2. Calf Raise Standing

D1. Rope Extension Cable

D2. Standing DB Curl

Josh Day 2 PDF

A1. Split Squat

A2. Seated Cable Row

B1. Standing Overhead DB Press

B2. Back Extension

C1. Leg Press

C2. Calf Raise Leg Press

D1. Upright Row Cable

D2. DB Side Lateral