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*There is No Guarantee Of Any Specific Weight Loss Result And Results Can Vary*



*Get the body you have always wanted, faster than you have ever imagined.



Get that nice toned look that puts curves in all the right places.



The #1 way to look younger is to lose weight.  Weight loss in the face can make a person look years-even decades younger!



Greatly reduce the chances of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and other potentially fatal diseases.

Achieve A Healthy Body and Prevent Many Crippling Illnesses

Greatly reduce your chances of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other potentially fatal diseases!


An important message for anyone desiring health, strength, and a sleek sexy body!

“Do You Have Some Serious Weight To Lose?”

Does it frustrate you to see other people lose weight so easily while you struggle for every single pound? 

Does anything you eat go straight to your problem areas like your belly, butt, or thighs? 

Are you angry that you still seem to gain weight even though you are barely eating anything? 

Do you feel that you have the worst weight loss genetics ever? 

If this is your reality, then keep reading…

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Hi, I’m Blaine Podaima and I’ve been a Winnipeg personal trainer and “go to” weight loss expert for almost 20 years.  I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Kinesiology (the study of human body mechanics and movement.)  I was then further motivated to  acquire my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.(This organization is considered the gold standard worldwide for strength and conditioning coaches.)

I can say with pride and confidence…

*I  help overweight people lose weight with a simple, easy-to-do  system that can work for almost everyone!


My program is highly effective and delivers  results.  Winnipeg residents have trusted my personalized training and counselling to achieve peak conditioning and get safe, healthy, weight loss plans.

All I ask is for your commitment and an honest desire for an abundant, fit, and healthy new life-style.  But I must be honest with you…at the end of the day your success will come down to YOU and what you are willing to put into it.



   *Results May Vary*

     *Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*



Are you still with me?  Good…because I’ve got a kick ass weight loss system that will change your life.  Come train with me and you can…

  • Finally end the years of frustration and confusion. You’ll torch off unsightly body fat faster than you ever dreamed possible…… even if you have tried every program under the sun OR have the worst metabolism ever.
  • Lose the “critical” 10% of your body weight. Losing 10% of your bodyweight is proven to drastically reduce your chances of deadly heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and various cancers.
  • Crank up your metabolism into overdrive with tactical, highly effective weight training only workouts. You’ll blow through each session with exciting, easy-to-do exercises leaving you refreshed, ready to take on the day, and keep you craving for more. 
  • Discover the methods used by professional athletes and movie stars.  Tap into your body’s unique fat burning code…transforming your body overnight…these “insider tactics” (that I paid a small fortune to learn) will squeeze every last ounce of fat from even the most problem of areas.
  • Have the advantage of  using everything I have learned with my 20 years of experience specializing in weight loss. You’ll go from rank beginner to fitness pro in no time flateven if you have never exercised a day in your life.
  • Learn how to re-wire your body’s lagging metabolism with custom made diet and exercise programs.  “Cookie cutter” programs only work for 30% of the population…you need a program with more precision… what you really need is a program tailored for YOU and YOUR needs and that is exactly what you are going to get.
  • Be focused and accountable with weekly weigh- ins, diet tracking, and 24/7 support your weight loss journey will be smooth sailing!  Some of the top people in their respective fields have accountability coaches and for good reason…they drastically increase adherence.
  • Aggressively combat and REVERSE age related muscle wasting which happens after 30. It’s an outright myth that you can’t have a banging body as you age.
  • Strengthen bones and fight off osteoporosis with highly specific exercises.  These “structural” exercises are proven to increase bone density when incorporated into a properly designed strengthening program.
  • Rehabilitate injuries of the low back, knees, and shoulders.  Most of these nagging pains disappear once you begin to strengthen the supporting muscles in the area.
  • Correct bad posture caused by sitting at a desk all day.   You’ll heal that hunchback , rounded shoulders, and forward head posture by strengthening certain muscles while stretching others…leaving you walking upright and tall!
  • Learn why you don’t have to give up your life for your dream body.  Brief, fun workouts in a small, quiet, centrally located gym…allows you to get in and out in no time flat!  Also this program allows you to actually have a social life with junk food and alcohol allowed!(In moderation of course!)
  • Enjoy exclusive 1 on 1 or small group training…whatever is needed.  Enjoy undivided attention allowing you to totally master the exercises. Then train along side others who are on the same journey as you.  Even though you are training with others they will be doing their own workouts in another area of the gym so you can work at a pace that’s comfortable for you!
  • Feel comfortable by working with someone who understands the struggles of being overweight.  I know what it’s like and understand the psychological battle you face daily.
  • Bust through the false myth personal trainers are only for the wealthy.  The reality is that personal trainers, like myself are thrilled to work with hard-working, everyday folk just like you…because you’ve finally decided to take control of your life and get the body you’ve always dreamed of!
  • Gain healthy, new muscle all over your entire body…and achieve the sleek, lean, toned look you’ve always dreamed of (with head-turning curves in all the right spots!) As an exciting benefit, you’ll defeat age-related muscle loss, put your metabolism in 5th gear, and keep doing the things you love. 


*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

Not Only Will You Get Those Awesome Benefits You’ll Also Be A Weight Loss Insider By Learning: 

  • How my “elimination” method totally destroys cravings. 
  • How to supercharge weight loss by doing this simple yet unorthodox technique a couple of times a week.
  • How I use my “easy progression system” that will get you to crave working out and keep you coming back for more…most of my clients stay with me long after they have reached their goals.
  • What exercises to do to avoid metabolic crash that happens from rapid weight loss.
  • How believing the “starvation mode” hype is causing you to gain weight.…and how to attack meal frequency based on your own body for maximum fat loss results!
  • How to avoid the dreaded “weight loss purgatory” and why you want to avoid it at all costs!
  • How to use strategically placed diet breaks that will keep your metabolism running high.
  • How eating your favorite foods at specific times can actually help you lose weight.
  • How following this one important step during workouts releases potent fat frying AND anti-aging hormones  allowing you to not only burn fat 24/7 but as an additional benefit you’ll look and feel younger too!
  • How studies have shown that doing this 2 minute ritual ONCE greatly increases your chance of success…with any goal you may have!
  • How eating certain foods for breakfast changes your brain chemicals to keep hunger at bay…all day long. 
  • Learn why most diet only weight loss programs fail  and how you must use the “coupling effect” for your best chance of success. (This “coupling effect” is also is they key ingredient to keeping the weight off once you lose it.) 


The Big Lie


Now it’s important to understand, which I’m sure a lot of you do, that weight loss has nothing to do with any fancy exercise machines, magic weight loss pills, or fad diets.  The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry spends a lot of money to have you believe this.  They want you to buy “these magical” weight loss devices, pills, and potions, not so that you can lose weight, but rather so they can make money.  They have been irresponsible and have used underhanded tricks to get you to believe in what they say as the truth.  The only thing this has led to is you being fed up, frustrated, and disappointed.  Don’t worry, it’s not your fault…I get it.  My goal is to take your fat loss to a level that you never even imagined was possible.  The methods I use are the quickest, safest, and healthiest approach to permanent weight loss.  


*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*


The Four Scientifically Proven Pillars Of My Weight Loss Program


  1. Massive Calorie Deficit.  To lose weight you must follow the law of thermodynamics.  Eat more calories than you burn you gain weight, eat less than you burn then you lose weight.  The trick is to create the biggest deficit possible while still providing adequate nutrition for health and muscle growth…and to do it all without starving you. This will result in the fastest weight loss possible.
  2. Shift your body into ketosis.  By following a ketogenic diet we switch your body from burning carbohydrates (sugars) as its main fuel source to fats.  This shift forces your body to burn stored bodyfat 24/7  for most of your energy needs.  You’ll be burning fat no matter what you are doing…even while you sleep!   As an added bonus ketones are known for destroying hunger and cravings.  This 1-2 punch is highly effective for stripping weight off quick and easy.
  3. Exercise program designed to maximize weight loss hormone production.  Certain hormones are very powerful at melting off body fat while at the same time building muscle, which is better known as “toning.”  These hormones are important if you want that lean, toned, healthy look.    This is why a lot of professional athletes get caught taking the synthetic kind which is illegal.  These hormones are also known to have anti-aging properties  and are used in clinics for their rejuvenating effects on skin, hair, bones and other organs of the body.  Maximizing weight loss hormone  output is not only essential for looking great but is important  for overall health, vitality, and wellness.
  4. Maximize training density.  Or in other words do the most amount of work per unit of time.  This results in a dramatic increase in excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which raises your metabolism for 24 hours following exercise.  This is often referred to as the “afterburn.”



Education, Experience, And Results!


I’ve helped hundreds of people shed thousands of pounds in record times with my simple, yet extremely effective system that I have learned hands on from the top strength and conditioning coach in the world.  This is the ”go to” guy that professional athletes and movie stars go to when they need to get into tip top shape overnight.  I’ve spent a small fortune to learn his methods…which take weight loss to a whole new level.

Not only that I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours (which most people recognize as the minimum to be considered an expert) working with all different types of people… “in the trenches” so to speak, helping them lose weight.  I am confident that I have the education and experience to get you the results that you are looking for…no matter what your situation is.


*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*

*Results May Vary*


*Results May Vary*

Once You Start The Program You Can Expect Rapid Results  


Your clothes will be falling off of you in no time flat!   As an extra benefit you’ll never be hungry, which is why this program is so effective.  Also, you’ll feel way better and have more energy!

Not only will your body start to look more toned, you’ll actually start to look younger…A LOT YOUNGER!  People don’t realize that when people lose weight you lose a lot of fat in the face as well.

Your self confidence will soar…while earning massive respect and admiration from those important to you.   Your physical AND mental transformation will take you to a place you never dreamed possible…you’ll be jumping out of bed everyday with a new found passion in life!



 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If for any reason you are not happy with your first session then you will get if for free, no questions asked!  That’s right, if you aren’t totally blown away by my service then just let me know and it is on the house, no contracts, no obligations, no hard feelings.


The Five Qualifications You Must Meet


  1.  You must make sure this is something you really want to do.  You have to be “all in” so to speak.  This means giving an honest effort, the kind of effort needed for life changing results.  This means showing up for workouts and following the diet as directed.  You’ll probably have to make some sacrifices.  The thing is with weight loss you can’t have everything, at some point you have to pay the piper.  I’ll do everything in my power to help you reach your goals.  Remember we succeed or fail together.
  2. You must be willing to follow the program as directed.  This program flat out works and it works well, given you follow it correctly.  Once you start making changes your results will be compromised, which neither of us wants.
  3. You must have realistic expectations.  If you believe you can take some magic pills and lose 50 pounds or that you can lose 100 pounds in a couple of months then my service isn’t for you.  Also, if you suffer from “shiny object syndrome” and jump from diet to diet without giving them a chance work then we will not be a good fit either.
  4. You must be able to train with me for at least 3 months.  Over the years I have found that anything less is a waste of your precious time and money.  Also there is a lot I have to teach you and I have to stand behind my results…you are my walking advertisements.  I do not lock people into contracts and take weekly payments.  However I ask that people be honest with their intentions.
  5. You must keep what you learn confidential.  You must agree never to resell, publish, or distribute the information you learn in any way, shape, or form.   You’ll be learning copyrighted proprietary trade secrets that are for your own use and benefit but not for resale or redistribution in any way.


My Offer To You


If we agree to work together you’ll get:

  • Customized Diet.  
  • Customized Workout
  • Interval Training Program
  • 3o Minute Weight Loss Tutorial Video
  • Quick Start Grocery Checklist
  • Daily/Weekly Weight Loss Checklist
  • Diet/Weight Tracker
  • 24/7 Support


Let’s Make A Deal…



Here’s the deal:  I’ve been helping people like you rapidly transform their lives for close to 20 years.  I have the education, experience, and results  and would love to take you on your very own life changing journey…2-3x/week for 45 minutes is all it takes. My rates are $360-$720/ month depending on which package you choose.

What to do now:  Pick up the phone and call/text 1(204)294-7863 or email me at and I’ll take care of everything else.  Just do it now, while you are thinking about it.



Blaine Podaima, CSCS “Winnipeg’s Weight Loss Specialist”
Owner Podaima Performance

P.S.   In no time flat  you’ll be well on your way to a skinnier, healthier, and more confident new you…finally take control of your life and feel fabulous!   The bottom line is this:  If you don’t do it today another day, week, month, or even year will pass and you’ll still be in the same boat or even worse.

I know that this can be intimating and you may question if you can do this…I just want to re assure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  You have absolutely nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain!

*There Is No Guarantee Of Any Specific Weight Loss Result And Results Can Vary*




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