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"My name is Ryan Podaima and I am 38 years old. I asked my older brother Blaine for help because I needed some serious help with my weight! I have never worked out before or dieted before this and I lost 60 pounds in 5 months! Not only that my physical conditioning improved big time!

To tell you the truth it really wasn’t that difficult. The first week was a little tough to get used to everything, but once I got into the groove it was pretty easy and the best part is that the weight seemed to just keep flying off of me.

I never really had a problem with my weight before, but in the last few years it creeped up on me. I didn’t really think things were as bad as they were until I looked at a picture from a recent event. I was shocked at the way I looked and decided to call my brother for help.

Of course I may be biased in my recommendation for my brother, but you cannot argue with the pictures. If he can help me, then I’m sure he can help almost anyone out there!"


***Results may vary***

"2020 was the year I was going to turn 65! I had been struggling with my weight problem most of my adult life. Like most people, I had tried many diets and exercise routines without lasting success.

I had met Blaine a few years ago and had a discussion about his program, but never acted on it even though it was always in the back of my mind. In April I reached out and he got me going his theory on how to attack weight loss is something that I agreed with and made sense to me.

I started at 152 lbs. on my small 4"11 frame that was way too much for me. Within a month I saw results and dropped an average of 5-7 lbs. a month consistently without feeling deprived or hungry. I also started working out/ muscle toning. As Blaine explained I did not want to end up skinny without muscle mass or definition.

By the time I hit 65 I was down 30 lbs. in 8 months and was feeling better than I have in years. My energy is up, I feel strong and healthy. For me this is a lifestyle now. Today I am down 36 lbs. and still going strong, I currently weight 116 lbs.

I am very proud of my results and very grateful for Blaine's knowledge and support. If I can do it, so can you! It starts with the desire and the results will follow!

Thank you Blaine!"

– Mariette

***Results may vary***

"Working with Blaine has been the best investment I’ve made into myself.

What started as a substantial weight loss goal, this journey has produced strength, lean muscle, great skin and my weight loss goal!! At 46, I’m in the best shape of my life.

Blaine is pretty amazing. He has kept me motivated while pushing me when I’ve needed it. He is very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. After this experience, I wouldn’t train with anyone else."


***Results may vary***

"I have been working with Blaine for the past 8 months. He has helped me transform my body back to the way it was when I played university sports. In fact, I think that I am in better shape than I was back then! The diet is key.

Even if you have a bad day and fall off the wagon. Get back on. The diet has become a new way of life for both my husband and myself. He has also lost weight.30 lbs in fact, just by following the diet. I don’t like calling it a diet as it is my new eating plan.

I have lost 45 lbs on the scale and am down to a size 10. I started this journey as a size 16. I still have a bit more weight to lose; however, I am no longer afraid to be in photos and that was my primary goal. I am feeling stronger and healthier than I have in years."


***Results may vary***

I was a month away from my 49th birthday and felt the big 50 looming. I had been a fairly regular exerciser and thought I watched what I was eating (mainly by cutting carbs) but I was frustrated with the 10-15 lbs. that I couldn’t seem to shake.

Feeling that I was in a rut and needed to do something to make a change, I looked on the internet for a trainer who also incorporated a diet into part of the program. I found the Podaima Performance website.

I have always been inspired by before and after photos and testimonials and thought that maybe this was a chance to write one of my own. I felt like I had to move quickly, before I could change my mind.

I immediately got in touch with Blaine. I had some travel coming up and had trouble arranging to meet immediately so I asked him to please send me the diet so that I could at least I could get a 2 week head start before our first meeting.

I had success with the first 5lbs. fairly quickly which kept me motivated. I found I loved the workouts and looked forward to our sessions as I saw my strength improve. I had been prone to back problems and unfortunately had a stretch within a few months of starting the program. I should point out that this was unrelated to the workouts.

I was so impressed by how Blaine adapted my workouts to accommodate my issues.

He even recommended medical professionals for me to see. It was incredibly validating to see how each professional from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and sports medicine doctor kept prescribing me the very same exercises that Blaine was already having me do. All of them unanimously advised to me to continue working out and that it was essential for my well-being. I told Blaine that he was my favorite doctor because I ALWAYS, felt better after my hour of training.

I am now closing in on my 50th birthday and have been able to maintain, and even increase my new fitness level. I have lost 16lbs to date on the scale. Counting the muscle I have gained I have lost a total of 25-30lbs. of fat. I know that I have increased my strength and muscle tone.

I am so grateful I found Blaine and made the decision to take action.

– Carilyn

***Results may vary***

The joy and excitement I feel after one year and one month working with Blaine is amazing. I’m so glad he kept gently pushing me forward in my goals.

I called Blaine one year ago after years of working at a computer and feeling at my wits end trying to start exercise programs on my own. Yes, I walked a lot, did some stretching, but I felt as though my body was deteriorating fast. My business is in cloud accounting and running the business and marketing end of our RV and Park Model Park, so I spend a lot of hours at my laptop or a computer.

When I talked to Blaine he asked me what my goals were. I said: to improve my posture, get strong, lose 10 – 15 lbs, turn the rest of the flab and fat into muscle, and generally get my body toned and strong so that I can enjoy a lot of walking in Italy over the next many years.

Strength: Over the period of a year, Blaine has brought me from barely doing 5 squats with a broom stick over my shoulders to 3 sets of 15 squats with 65 lbs. in a squat rack. Blaine says I have come a long way! He did this by gradually adding weights, varying exercises, and watching every movement. He is very conscious of making sure I do the exercise with the correct form so that I don’t get an injury and maximize each movement. I have not had a single workout injury over the year.

I run into the gym and 45 minutes later I am out. I do this twice a week. So we have accomplished a lot for a very small commitment of time. However, this commitment had to take priority in my life. Nothing makes me change or cancel an appointment with Blaine, my personal trainer. I found that as soon as I tried to change or skip a workout, the next one was easier to skip as well. So I think it was around 3 or 6 months into the program, I changed my attitude and that made a big difference. Again, I emphasize, no cancelling or skipping, unless I am travelling. I make other appointments around my workout schedule, period.

Tone: It seems very subtle, but internally I notice a huge change in my whole physique. It is toned and more erect. My increased strength allows me to stand and hold myself more erect and have better posture. My arms, shoulders, back and legs feel really toned, something all women really, really need, especially as we age. I can run up and down stairs, get in and out of a vehicle with ease and grace, and bound out of bed in the morning!

Weight: I like to use the example that I have lost 25-30 lbs. of fat (think lbs. of butter) and replaced it with 10-15lbs of lean muscle. In total I’ve lost 10 to 15 lbs., starting out at 140-145 and now am 130 lbs. I am 5’6″ tall. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is huge if you look at how the muscle has replaced the fat.

Food: Blaine has a wonderful eating and weight loss plan to follow which works like a charm. If you plan and work on it specifically, and team it with his coaching and follow his rules, it can happen even faster than I did it. I’ve learned from Blaine that the whole procedure is 80% what you eat and how important that is in the formula. Initially, I hit 129 lbs after the first 6 months.

Lifestyle: Working with Blaine has become part of my lifestyle, folded into my life. He tells me every time how much I’m improving and to keep eating well. This is something that I just could not do at home or on my own in the gym. It is just that important to living a healthy, strong, and vibrant lifestyle as I age, hopefully gracefully, thanks to Blaine and his commitment to his work and his clients.


– Joan

***Results may vary***

In June 2009 I weighed over 350 pounds. I knew this because my parents had an old scale that went up to 350 pounds, and when I stepped on it, the needle went all the way around and more.

I never exercised and my diet was terrible. I had low self esteem and could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror, so I would just eat to make myself feel better.

For years my family tried to get me to start exercising and eating responsibility. They were concerned that I was at risk of diabetes or other health problems, and justifiably so. I wouldn’t listen to them. I would either ignore them or come up with the same old excuses:

  • “It’s too expensive.”
  • “It’s not convenient for me to go to the gym after work.”
  • “I don’t know how to exercise properly.”
  • “I’ll just quit after a couple of workouts anyway, so why even bother.”

My brother had been working with Blaine for quite some time and was seeing significant results himself, so he convinced me to meet with him to plan a workout program, which I agreed to do. Initially, it was difficult. When you have low self-confidence, walking into a weight room can be an intimidating experience. I felt out of place and I really didn’t know what I was doing. Blaine had to basically build me up from nothing, which is exactly what he did. He started me off with simple, basic exercises to improve my strength, conditioning, flexibility and technique, and as these improved, he would fine-tune my programs so that they were never too easy or too difficult, allowing me to get a thorough, effective workout every time I met with him.

While this was happening, Blaine had also prepared a diet plan for me, which I followed religiously. I was getting so much out of the workouts that the last thing I wanted to do was waste all the effort by not following the diet. The results were staggering. At the end of the first month I was down to 315 pounds. I had barely even started the program and I was already lighter than I had been in years. Soon I was under 300 pounds and my clothes had become so loose that I had to give them away and start buying new ones in smaller sizes, which is a great feeling. The compliments started coming from people I knew:

“You look great!”

“I barely recognize you, it’s like you’re a different person!”

“I’m so proud of you!”

“I wish I had the willpower to lose weight like that.”

As the months progressed, the weight loss slowed down gradually as I started gaining muscle mass in addition to losing body fat. As long as I did the workouts with Blaine and followed the diet, the results were always there. Today, I weigh 250 pounds. I’ve never been in better shape in my life, and physically I’ve never felt better. Thanks to what I’ve learned from Blaine, I’m able to work out on my own while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My self-confidence is higher than it’s ever been. I can say without exaggeration that working with Blaine has drastically changed my life for the better.

– Trevor Smith

***Results may vary***

Before I met Blaine, I was an avid runner, who participated in numerous 10km and 1/2 marathon events. However, every time I trained, I would get a recurring injury in my lower leg. No amount of physio or chiropractic therapy aleviated the pain. I also had chronic back pain resulting from kyphosis. In addition, I was gaining weight no matter how much I ran! Needless to say, after finishing the Winnipeg Police half marathon in 2 hours and 54 minutes and weghing in at 144lbs, I was dissappointed, discouraged and crushed. By then, the pain in my leg was so intense, that a few weeks later, instead of running a 10 km event, I hobbled through and quit after 5 kilometers.

Fortunately, there were prizes after the run! I won a free session with a Personal Trainer, Blaine Podaima. I waited a few weeks, debating whether or not I should contact Blaine and at the beginning of June sent him and email. We met on June 4th, 2011. It was clear after the first assessment that there was definitely an alarming lack of strength in every area of my body! Blaine also explained that running breaks down muscle tissue and therefore, it is essential to rebuild muscles by strength training. Furthermore, I had to do some serious work on my back to correct my posture. Since the medical personelle failed to help me, I decided to give Blaine a try.

By then I have also registered for the Manitoba 1/2 marathon and did not want to run with the pain in my leg. I was DESPERATE to try anything! Blaine immediately set up a work-out program and we had 6 sessions (2 weeks) to get me ready for the run. Although not completely pain-free, I finished the 21 kilometers in 2 hours and 37 minutes. Having experienced huge improvements in 2 weeks, I decided to seriously “get with the program”.

Upon Blaine’s suggestion, I stopped running (only for a while!), went on “Blaine’s diet of Whatever Runs, Swims, Flies and is Green” and worked hard for the next six weeks. My weight went down from 144 to 135 lbs. In mid August I ran another 10K race and was absolutely extatic that there was no pain during or after the event! As a bonus, I also managed to shave off 4 minutes from my previous run. Since then, I dropped to 128.6 lbs, and ran another 10 kilometer event, finishing painlessly in 1 hour and 3 minutes.I continue to work with Blaine because, in addition to his expertise and utmost professionalism, he is sensitive and genuinely committed to helping me achieve results I never thought possible. He pushes me beyond what I believe my limits are. To me, Blaine is not only a trainer, but a mentor who cultivates and fosters in his clientelle a healthier, more pruductive and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Blaine, it is a privilege and an honour for me to be one of your clients! Thank you for your encouragement, endless patience and teaching me to believe in myself. ( I will master the step-ups yet!!)

- N. Petkau

***Results may vary***

My name is Ted Northam, I am 62 years of age and my height is 5′ 9″. I have been a client of Blaine Podaima’s since March 7, 2010.On that date I weighed 235lbs.and my blood pressure was 144 over 83 and my resting pulse rate was 72.

Until I started working with Blaine I had been working out on my own for a few years with a BowFlex system, treadmill, recumbent bike and some free weights. Although I was doing a routine two or three times a week, I was unable to achieve the results I desired. Obviously, my blood pressure needed to be addressed even though I thought I was getting enough exercise. I had not considered any diet regimen except a periodic awareness of cutting calories. I felt the exercise alone would hold my weight in check if I just cut down the calories a little. I was wrong.

On Valentine’s Day 2010 my wife gave me a gift of 5 sessions with Blaine. It took me 3 weeks to get the courage to call Blaine for the first session on March 7. That was the day my life changed and I started on the road to physical and mental well being.

Session 1 did not start in my gym, but in consultation with Blaine on my goals, checking my vitals and an introduction to a low carbohydrate diet to reduce my weight, while modifying my exercise routine until my critical blood pressure numbers and pulse could have a chance to return to more healthier ranges. We decided to use the 5 sessions to get started and see where it went.

The diet was instrumental in reducing my weight while giving me encouragement to continue the program, as I lost 11 lbs. the first week. I won’t describe the diet here, but must emphasize it as critical in the first stages of the program. If your goal is to lose weight, this diet is hard for the first two weeks, but becomes routine and allows “cheat” days that are quite satisfying. After two weeks it modifies somewhat and is easier to fit into your normal meal patterns. After a few months you will notice the difference a “low carb” diet makes in your life and you will never want that “heavy feeling” that “carbs” give you again. And no “GAS”.

After one month I had lost 16.4 lbs and people were starting to notice. My clothes were getting bigger, we had used up the original 5 sessions, were going three times a week with one or two days between and taking the weekend off. The “Cheat” days were wonderful and guilt free. The amount of weight I was lifting had actually gone down and the reps had increased, while I was more tired and satisfied. I had eliminated the BowFlex, the treadmill and only used the recumbent bike for warm-up and warm-down. The difference in the weight training was dramatic in reps and amount and routine. The reps were slower, more tiring and targeted to muscle groups. They started with using big muscles and ended with small muscles. The routines changed each session so as not to expose my body to injury or fatigue. The weight was increasing easier than before I started the program.

After two months my weight had reduced to 211.8, a loss of 23.2 lbs. The diet was now routine and my weekly “cheat days” had become weekly “cheat meals” and I looked forward to the next week without feeling deprived.

On June 22, 2010 Blaine remeasured my blood pressure. It was 131over 80. I was elated. I was now down 32.4lbs and I was noticing. My clothes began to hang on me.

On July 7, 2010 my weight was 199.0, down 36 lbs. Blaine and |I went for a big celebratory dinner. It was great.

On August 16, 2010 Blaine remeasured my blood pressure. It was 125 over 76 and it had only been 165 days since we started.

September 7, 2010 my weight reached a new low of 193.9. I am writing this on December 10, 2010, almost 8 months to the day I started. My weight has stabilized at about 195. Consider this, I can deadlift 215 lbs ., dumbbell row 70lbs.with each arm and my waist went from 42″ to 34″. I estimate I have put on 15-20lbs of muscle while losing a net 40lbs. Conservatively I have lost approximately 55-60 lbs of fat and my resting pulse rate is 54. I am not finished. My goal is 189 lbs while deadlifting 300lbs.

This was not easy. It takes a resolve to be committed. My wife says she created a “Monster”, not in my size but in my commitment. I have complained and whined alot to Blaine during these 8 months, but he has kept encouraging me and putting little changes in my routine to prevent monotony. He knows an awful lot about how a body works and nutrition. He has not taken any chances with my health or pushed me beyond my capabilities.

I highly recommend Blaine’s program. It is not for everyone but the results are proof that if you can mentally prepare yourself to change your eating habits and adopt a more healthy life style through weight training and diet Blaine can take you beyond your expectations.

Thank-you Blaine, I look forward to reaching my goal.

– Ted Northam

***Results may vary***

As a therapist I know that we function most effectively when we attend to all areas of our lives – mind, body and soul. Yet I struggled to find balance and the time to be my best too.

Blaine was instrumental in helping me by developing a realistic workout schedule, addressing nutrition frankly, and making the most of the time I had without taking over my life.

His knowledge, honesty, encouragement and dedication prompted by own commitment which is such an important part of making progress. I developed a great rapport with Blaine quite quickly and it only grew over time. His reliability and professionalism helped the process as well.

When I began, I was bothered by my appearance and self-conscious; I was discouraged and even felt old. Now I feel great about myself. It’s all about mind, body and soul and Blaine helped me find that balance and achieve my goals.

– Verna

***Results may vary***

This is an amazing 11 month transformation by a 46 year old client with our T4OFIT Rapid Weight Loss System. He trained for 9 months at 2x/week and 2 months at 3x/week.

In 11 months this client lost over 70 pounds of fat while gaining considerable muscle mass, strength, and showed a significant improvement in conditioning!

This shows the awesome power of the T4OFIT Rapid Fat Loss System when combined with someone who works hard and follows it!

- Chris

***Results may vary***

This was an amazing 12 week transformation by a 45 year old client training only twice per week with our T4OFIT Rapid Weight Loss System.

In the 12 Weeks this client lost over 45 pounds of fat while gaining considerable muscle mass, strength, and showed a significant improvement in conditioning!

This shows the awesome power of the T4OFIT Rapid Fat Loss System when combined with someone who works hard and follows it!

- Gavin

***Results may vary***

This was an amazing 16 week transformation by a 23 year old client training only 3 times per week with our T40FIT Rapid Weight Loss System.

In the 16 Weeks this client lost over 40 pounds of fat while gaining considerable muscle mass, strength, and showed a significant improvement in conditioning!

Even though she is younger than my typical client and trained 3x vs. 2x/week you can still see the dramatic changes from all her hard work!

- Ashley

***Results may vary***

"I was thinking for some time that I needed to do something about my weight and bad eating habits. I always had an excuse, such as too busy... then I heard Blaine's ad on the radio and I thought right away I have to check out his website.

I am so glad I did, it changed my life! I lost 50 lbs in 6 months and after 1 year in the program I am still maintaining that! It was very scary calling Blaine and going to the gym for the first time, but I was ready to get healthy and fit!

Blaine and Rocky are awesome and made me feel comfortable right from the start and never pushed me beyond my limits. The first few weeks were a little challenging, but once your body adjusts, then it is easy to follow, especially when you start looking and feeling so much better.

Blaine's program is an easy, basic concept which he has perfected over his many years of experience. Diet and training... nothing fancy or complex. Anyone can do it! (IF you really want to)"


***Results may vary***

I live a very busy and stressful life working as a veterinarian. Professionally I have always been able to stick to and reach goals…however when it came to taking care of my health and weight that was another story!

I knew something had to be done but was nervous to start anything as I never have been very active or played sports. I finally had enough and called Blaine for a consult…and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I lost 70 pounds in 7 months and don’t recognize or feel like the person I once was! I feel fantastic and totally love the weight training only workouts, which is a pleasant surprise as well! I highly recommend Blaine’s fitness and weight loss program!

- Christie-Leigh

***Results may vary***

Training with Blaine has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! In 12 weeks I lost 27.5 pounds and 14.75 inches and look and feel better than I have in years!

The program is simple, effective, and doesn’t take a lot of time to follow which works well with my busy lifestyle.


***Results may vary***

I knew for some time that I had to do something about my weight and health. It was always one of those things that I kept pushing back and saying, “I will start next week.”, but next week would never come. Finally I had enough and me and my wife decided to call Blaine and start a program with him.

Although we were active with other activities we never worked out in the gym before and were a little nervous about the whole deal. After the first workout we knew that we would have no problem with the program, Blaine challenged us just enough!

I never thought that I would get into the shape I did or lose the weight I did…especially only training twice per week. I ended up losing 50 pounds in 5 months and I feel fabulous! My wife ended up losing almost as much in this time frame as well! The training sessions and program was definitely something we looked forward to doing together and definitely love the way we look and feel!


***Results may vary***

I was always a very active kid and played a lot of sports growing up, weight was never really an issue for me. Once life started to take over with all of my other responsibilities I found myself not being as active and of course eating more.

Over the years this took its toll and I accumulated over 80 pounds of fat and no longer felt comfortable or was happy about what I let myself happen to me. One day I decided enough was enough and give Blaine a call to help me lose weight as I have known others that he has helped lose weight and get their life back as well.

I decided to follow the program by the book and the results were better than anything I could have imagined! The weight just seemed to keep flying off, every time I stepped on the scale I was down more weight…and the best part is that I was never hungry! I ended up losing 80 pounds of fat in a little over 4 months and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously if you need help losing weight then give Blaine a call…you won’t regret it!!

- Chad

***Results may vary***

I finally got to a place in my life that I was very unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I couldn’t fit any clothes and when I did, I didn’t like the way I looked in them….very frustrating to say the least. A few of my friends were training with Blaine and they were very happy and getting great results so I decided that I would give him a try.

I was a little nervous at first as I never trained with weights before but Blaine started me off slowly and before I knew it I was mastering the workouts! I felt stronger, had more energy, and my confidence started improving almost immediately! The weight started melting off and I felt great! I now looked forward to the twice a week workouts and it seemed like my clothes would get looser by the week!

I trained for 8 months with Blaine and it totally changed my life! I lost 64 pounds and continue to lose slowly as I work on my own. Blaine gave me all the tools and confidence so that I could carry on working out and losing weight on my own…which in itself was well worth the investment! Don’t hesitate for a second to call Blaine if you have weight to lose…he definitely knows his stuff!

- Michelle

***Results may vary***

I am 48 years old and wanted to get into shape for my wedding! I kept looking online to see who would be able to get me where I need to be. After a quick phone consult I decided to start Blaine’s program.

I have lost 40 pounds in 3.5 months and have never felt this good! I have way more energy and shopping for clothes is fun again! Blaine has been extremely helpful, understanding, and professional….and has made my weight loss journey fun! I highly recommend trying his program…you will get results!

- Tammy

***Results may vary***

I had been thinking of working with a personal trainer for a while to help me get in shape and lose some weight. I heard Blaine’s ad on the radio one day and decided I was going to finally do it! I convinced my friend to do it with me as well!

I lost close to 40 pounds in 4 months and my body is strong and I look great! All my fat clothes are now gone! My friend also did extremely well and ended up losing almost 60 pounds! To anyone thinking of making a life change I strongly recommend to start now and call Blaine!

- Susanna

***Results may vary***

I have a very busy life as I work many hours as a nurse with a very erratic schedule. Being so busy I found it hard to stick to any kind of program and ended up gaining a lot of weight. I knew I had to get someone to help me not only show me what to do, but also someone to be accountable to.

After searching online I decided to give Blaine a call and see what he had to say. After going over a simple strategy with me I decided to sign up and just do it! I am so glad I did and honestly it was one of the best decisions I ever made! To say I am happy with the results is an understatement! I lost 40 pounds in 3.5 months and feel amazing! If you need help losing weight, then call Blaine…you will not be disappointed!

- Leonard

***Results may vary***

I am 46 and have been trying for some time to lose the bit of weight that I had gained over the years. Nothing at all seemed to work and I was getting frustrated! Although I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose I wanted to tone up and wanted my clothes to fit better.

I seen an ad for Blaine on the internet a while back and decided to see if he could get me the results like the others have gotten on his site. Well the pictures speak for themselves and I ended up losing 14 pounds and many more inches in 3 months…all while training 2 times per week! I feel great and recommend Blaine’s simple, straightforward program to anyone looking to lose weight and get healthier!

- Tamara

***Results may vary***

I never really had a weight problem when I was younger but the older I got I found that the weight started creeping up slowly. I decided to get a handle on things and call Blaine. I have been friends with Blaine for years and know he is good at what he does and felt confident he could help me out.

Since I have never really worked out seriously with weights before we were starting from scratch. Each workout was just tough enough and I was getting stronger and stronger! I almost immediately started to feel better once I started the diet and exercise program, which wasn’t that hard at all. I lost 40 pounds in 40 months and got into the best shape of my life! Put in the work and follow Blaine’s program and you will be happy with the results!

- Chris

***Results may vary***

I was considering a personal trainer for a while as I wanted to get into shape and feel better. A couple of friends of mine were working out with Blaine and were getting great results so I decided I would try him out. I must admit I was a little nervous at first, as I’m sure everyone who starts out is, but just as Blaine told me, I had nothing to worry about, and he was right!

My strength and fitness improved quickly while losing fat at the same time. The program made me feel great and I could not wait for the next workout! I got to my goal of losing 45 pounds in 4 months and felt great! Once you decide to do something about your health and weight make a plan and call Blaine…you won’t regret it!

- Nancy

***Results may vary***

Training with Blaine has definitely been one of my best decisions I have ever made and well worth the money!  Blaine has a no nonsense approach to training and diet which I think is very important when it comes to fitness and weight loss…well for me anyways!

Since I started with Blaine I lost 20-30 pounds and I am definitely a lot more fit, toned, and healthy!  I love the weight training only workouts and like that the workouts are always just challenging enough, but never too difficult that I don’t enjoy them.

I am confident that if you follow his program you will definitely see results like I did.  He is very knowledgeable, not intimidating, and his years of experience show with the workouts, diet, and how to teach them in a simple straight forward manner that is easy to follow and understand.

I love the fact that Blaine is always available for questions/concerns and never makes you feel like you are asking ridiculous questions.  You can tell that he truly does care about your situation and he will do everything he possibly can to help you get results.

He is a great motivator, supportive, and I always look forward to our sessions!  If you are looking to lose weight, get fit, and get healthy then give Blaine a call…you won’t be disappointed!

Jodi Crust

***Results may vary***

I first met Blaine about two years ago a girlfriend of mine was doing a competition and she mentioned that a friend of hers was training with Blaine.

She showed me pictures and I was impressed by what I saw- this women in her 40’s, a mother of 2, and had abs!

I was tired of being the ‘fat friend’ and collecting gym memberships.  I quickly looked him up online read the reviews and contacted Blaine on the following Monday. 

He suggested I read the book ‘will power doesn’t work ‘ I read it and I’m glad I did . He also told me to buy a food and a weight scale- two things I didn’t own- thank goodness for Amazon!

Over the course of the next three months - two days a week I would go on to lose Over 20 pounds - my goal I was to do this before my 50th birthday and I DID!!!

I think the most important thing is writing down what you eat and sticking to it - it’s not easy .. at first , if it was we would all be bikini models.

Blaine holds you accountable, the first question to ask you is so how’s it going , how’s your diet and what’s your weight.

That’s really what you need to do: focus on your diet and keep track of your weight and write down EVERYTHING you eat.  

It’s easy to lose track and boy was I was kidding myself, I would eat three bags of chocolate chips a week…true story and wonder why I wasn’t losing weight after all I went to the gym!

I think the biggest thing for Me was when Blaine told me once you start your diet you’re going to be hungry but your body will adjust so try not to eat in the evening, this is the best advice!

The first couple days are rough but true to his word your body does get used to having less calories and you’re really not hungry.

I really like working out with a trainer- for me it’s the accountability, and seeing the change in my shape, and the weight loss really motivates me.

Blaine is excellent, he’s a professional, and he just connects with his clients!

Jodi Walker

***Results may vary***

I have struggled with my weight for 15 years.  I tried all sorts of diets and classes and nothing stuck.  In fact I seemed to gain more weight after each attempt.  

In the fall of 2019 I was at the end of my rope.  I was at 231lbs. and felt terrible.  I was suffering from blood sugar inconsistencies and had no energy.  I was not diabetic but my doctor told me that if I wanted to have diabetes I should just continue with what I was doing.  This was a wake-up call for me.  

I immediately started doing research on a life change plan.  No more fad diets.  I came upon Blaine’s website and spent some time reading through his material.  I knew I needed to make a change and was ready to be fully committed.  I also knew I could not do it on my own.  

Blaine and I had a conversation and he was no nonsense which is what I needed. During our phone call I committed to his program for 6 months.  I was so excited to start this journey with someone who believed in being strong and healthy, not a size 2.  

Blaine’s program is simple and effective.  I have been training with Blaine for 31 weeks and have lost a total of 51lbs which equates to going from a size 18 to 10.  

I eat 3 meals a day and workout 3 times a week.  I am never hungry and with Blaine’s program I have 1 cheat meal at the end of every week as a reward.  Blaine has years of experience in fitness coaching and is extremely dedicated to me and my health.  The workouts in the program are designed for me.  Blaine is very aware of how muscle groups work together to gain the best results.  I

I could not have lost 51lbs. without Blaine’s dedication and support.  He is available anytime I have a question on diet or exercise day or evening.  Blaine’s overall personality matches my requirements which is no BS.  He will give it to you straight whether it’s encouragement or other.  I have another 30lbs. to go and feel 100% confident I can lose it with Blaine in my corner!

Jen Hilderbrand

***Results may vary***

During my adult life I tried many diet plans but found myself at a point where I was at my heaviest and I knew I needed to address it for my overall health and well being. 

I decided it was time to put some focus on me and my health, and made the decision to invest in a personal trainer. I was referred to Blaine, and 3 years and 60 plus pounds later I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The workouts that Blaine developed for me not only changed the shape of my body, but resolved many aches and pains. The diet he provided was an important part of the program, and Blaine gave the support and guidance required for me to continue on my weight loss journey.

Blaine is a knowledgeable trainer, his expertise and support have given me the strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would not hesitate to recommend Blaine to anyone ready to make their own lifestyle change.

Jan Lund

***Results may vary***

I started my journey on October 1, 2019 - 52 yrs of age|127lbs|4”10 - with love handles and way too many soft spots for my liking. 

In five short months, I have lost 17 pounds, down a few clothing sizes and several inches (the weight and size I am now I haven’t seen since 2000); my blood pressure has gone down substantially; gained significant strength in my arms, legs and abs; eating better – cleaner; feeling great, healthy and confident! My growth, my successes to date are a result of Blaine’s training program and expertise, his and Rocky’s guidance and coaching.


Blaine and Rocky make me believe I can do better than the previous workout – even when I doubt myself. They encourage me, especially when I get down on myself. They challenge me, even when I give them that “are you crazy, you think I can do that look.” 

They are attentive to their clients’ needs - to my needs; they know my limits, what I am capable of doing and how far they can push me. If there was ever trainers who make sure their clients perform each exercise and maneuver correctly, so as not to sustain injury, it’s Blaine and Rocky. 

They kick my butt, yes, they kick butt and you (your booty) will thank them for it. To top it off, they make the workout sessions fun. I admit at first I found the gym environment and free weights a bit intimidating. 

Fortunately, Blaine and Rocky helped me ease my way in to working out and eating a balanced diet. They went at the pace I was comfortable and before I even knew it I was looking and feeling so much better; my self-confidence grew while my waist was shrinking.

Going to the gym is a pleasant escape for me and I look forward to my weekly workouts! Blaine and Rocky are awesome coaches and I am so grateful for their investment in me! I value what Blaine and Rocky have given me over the past 5 months and I am looking forward to continued growth and more successes in the months and years ahead!

Jacqueline Jubinville

***Results may vary***

I started on Blaine’s program in April 2017 after years of failed diets and exercise programs. I wasn’t considered obesely overweight however was at my highest weight ever and knew I had to make some changes. 

Once I started on his program the weight came off quickly. The diet is tough at first but what’s great about it is you see results quickly which keep you motivated and overtime you begin to prefer it over the way you used to eat.

The workout program he specifically makes for you will have you leaving the gym full of energy rather than drained and it motivates you to make good food choices for the day. 

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years and I’ve had my ups and downs and even some time away from the gym for surgery, injuries etc but in these 3 years I’ve been able to maintain my weight – give or take a few pounds. I still have a goal to reach and know with diet and motivation I will achieve it.

Since the recent Cov19 epidemic, I have moved from the gym to his online program and now have my husband on board and both of us really like the program and the workouts and the app is very user friendly and easy to follow. 

My husband who followed Blaine’s diet with me but never his exercise program (he did his own thing) has already noticed a difference within a couple weeks and that keeps him motivated. 

If you’ve never exercised or been to the gym before, I highly recommend you start with Blaine. He will start you off slow and gradually increase your exercises and you will be surprised how quickly you notice the changes. On top of that he will help you with the diet and be there for any questions you may have.

If you’ve tried in the past like I did and failed to reach your goals, Blaine’s program will pleasantly surprise you because it works! Thanks Blaine & Rocky!

These photos were taken 2 weeks apart back in April & May 2017. The one on the left was taken right around when I started on Blaine’s program and the left, 2 weeks later. You see changes fast if you follow the diet/exercise program. ***See Pics***

Carmen McAvoy

***Results may vary***

I had been trying to lose weight my whole adult life with no results. With Blaine and Rocky I lost 45 pounds in the first three months and could still go for Thursday wings, pizza, and beer with the hockey team!  To be able to lose that amount of weight and still be able to go for my social outings is great!

I really enjoy the weight training only workouts that are just tough enough for me.  I’m very busy and do shiftwork so it’s important to me to be able to come in a few times a week and I don’t have to give up my life to lose weight and get healthy and fit!

After 6 months on the program I have lost a total of 60 pounds and have never felt better!  My only regret is I didn’t meet him 25 years ago.


***Results may vary***

I’m 51 years old and I was very frustrated with my weight and decided it was time to take charge of it.  It wasn’t going to fix itself and other health issues were starting to arise with a third auto immune condition starting.

I was pretty nervous about my first session, but seriously after two weeks I knew it was the right plan and place to be for me!

The food management with the exercise takes discipline, but if you want to get anywhere in life that applies to life your journey as well.  The first week I did the purge in my kitchen cupboard, fridge, freezer, got my meals organized.   

Actually found once I got in the routine that meals were simpler and the clean-up was easier!

The mental health aspect along with the weight loss has improved so much.   No pill in my opinion can fix it the way exercise can.    My confidence has improved and physically feel better, which has spilled over into everyday life with my family.    It’s like my new drug … and it’s called exercise!


In a short period of time my clothes felt better and continue to do so.    For me I created a bag of “my big clothes” that weren’t going back in the closet,  they would get passed on to charity to help someone whom needed clothes.

I had my tough days and was hard myself for not making progress faster but then the voice of reason from Blaine would set me straight with plan facts.   

For example, I was whining that I had only lost 2 lbs. one week and was beating myself up….. so I was quickly reminded take that by 52 weeks….. you would be at 106 lbs…. I was like… ummmmmm…….. well if you look at it that way I’m all good!


What I like a lot, is I show up, the plan is all organized for me and then I can focus and do my best when I’m there, not wondering what do I do next, what’s going on around me.    

The expertise and professionalism from Blaine is fantastic.   I would share and celebrate my wins with Blaine and he got it which pushed me to keep going.   The wins totally help motivate.


Thanks Blaine for helping me and continue the support and getting my health and life back on track,  52 looking better already!


***Results may vary***

I had been doing mostly cardio workouts for about three years when I stopped completely. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and, although I felt like I had more energy, I had a major setback.

After a few months, I realized that I actually missed exercising.  Before that, I had never really been into physical fitness or dieting but I knew I wanted to get back to the gym.  I started to look for a new trainer that would help me get into better shape.


When I found Blaine’s website, the first thing I noticed was that he specialized in helping people over forty lose weight.  The process of exercise twice a week and proper dieting appealed to me. I was 47 at the time, so I fit the age requirement, but I’ve never been overweight.  I’ve always been skinny until well into my thirties when I developed “the skinny guy’s gut”.


When I first met Blaine he asked me what I wanted to accomplish with his help.  I told him I wanted to put on some muscle and see about losing the gut.  Blaine and I discussed a workout program and a diet specific to my needs.

The first session at the gym wasn’t easy….well I have to admit I didn’t listen to Blaine’s advice to take it slow and easy…. and I paid for it!

After about twenty minutes I had to step outside for some air and almost lost my lunch. Blaine had warned me not to overdo it, but of course I didn’t listen.  After that, I started listening.


The diet and exercise program took a little getting used to at first as I had to make changes to my usual things but I quickly adjusted, probably within a couple of weeks I felt great!

What I can tell you is that I’ve been on Blaine’s program for almost two years now and I can see and feel a big time difference!   For one thing, I feel so much better about myself.  

For a skinny guy, I’ve lost over ten pounds which was a big achievement.  I can see muscle definition in my arms and legs.  But most importantly, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I can honestly say, I love going to the gym.


Blaine’s program is real, it’s simple, and most importantly it works!

Blaine’s advice, encouragement and commitment to your health can’t be beat.  If you want someone to train you to meet your goals, in a safe and encouraging, non-judgemental environment, then you need to meet Blaine Podaima.  


Don’t wait.  Get started now.  You’ll not only thank Blaine, you’ll thank yourself!

Brendon Sawatzky

***Results may vary***

I have been working with Blaine for almost 2 years now. I honestly could not be happier with the results and overall experience!

After the first 5 months of working with Blaine I’ve lost 30+ pounds and was back to my size S in clothing. Finally, shopping is fun again!

Blaine’s diet plan and exercise routine will get you the results you want…if you follow it.  I don’t even look at the diet as a diet anymore, it’s just the way I eat now.  

I’m never hungry,  I feel so much better, I have more energy, and best of all I don’t have to worry about gaining the weight back!  

For me it really was a lifestyle change and I haven’t looked back!

Since I’m at my weight loss goal, I’m looking more just to maintain while gaining a little more muscle and strength.   

I am always looking forward to each session that is just tough enough to get the results I want while leaving me feeling energized and ready for the day!

Thank you, Blaine!


***Results may vary***

I would like to thank Blaine Podaima for helping me lose weight and get fit and healthy!

When I starting working with Blaine my weight was 153 lbs.   My current weight is 133 lbs. so I have lost 20 lbs. on the scale but it feels like a lot more!

The scale doesn’t tell the whole story as I have gained muscle mass and toned my body from the weight training workouts…which I love!

I will forever be greatful that a friend referred me to Blaine and Rocky which have made my weight loss and fitness journey simple and enjoyable!

Blaine has taught me how to eat healthy & take care of me. My husband also followed Blaine’s plan along with me & lost 20 lbs!

We both feel so great & will continue our journey to be fit & healthy. Thank you Blaine Podaima, we will forever be greatful to you!

The top photos were taken Oct 29/18 & the bottom photos are recent Feb 2020.

Darlene Raymond

***Results may vary***

At 60 years of age maintaining physical fitness is a priority. Podaima Performance has helped me to succeed where I could not succeed on my own. 

Success for me continues to come with self-determination, a routine and just the right combination of structure, discipline and encouragement that Blaine and his team offer me on a weekly basis. 

I look forward to the 2 times a week weight training only workouts and try to stick to the diet as much as possible, while still being able to have my sweets here and there!  I have lost 20 pounds so far and am much stronger and toned from the workouts…and I feel great!

I look forward to where life’s journey takes me from here knowing I am building a body that is ready for the quest!

Maxine Plesiuk

***Results may vary***

In July 2018 I wasn’t feeling like myself and noticed that I had lost a lot of my strength. I was overweight and scared to start any type of workout program due to an underlying heart issue.

I heard of Blaine’s program on the radio and knew it was time. Two days a week at the gym and follow his diet...I could do that!! 

After I started to exercise, and with the encouragement of Blaine and his team, my strength increased and the weight started to come off too.  I felt amazing! 

I wish I knew about the program sooner but glad I found it when I did! 

Sherri Norris Dyck

***Results may vary***

“I would highly recommend Blaine for not only your weight loss goals but also your overall health and wellbeing. 

When I started with Blaine I was a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic who had many severe health issues and complications including vision loss and numbness in my extremities. 

I had also gained 30-35 lbs. of weight from injecting treatments. Within weeks of beginning Blaine’s program I began to feel better. With time I not only lost the 30-35 lbs. but also improved in overall health. 

Improvements were so effective that I am now able to sustain blood sugars on oral medication alone!

I cannot thank Blaine enough for the incredible impact he had on my weight loss but more so for getting my health on track. I now have a renewed sense of physical energy and metal health.”

Celeste Brunel

***Results may vary***

“I have worked with Blaine now for many years with great results.

The regular workouts give me better control of my weight and my blood pressure. 

They also made it possible for me to spend holiday time walking through London and doing day hikes in Spain despite ongoing knee issues. 

Worth every penny.”


***Results may vary***

I am extremely happy with the results and have lost 60 pounds in 5 months! I like the weight training only workouts and the diet was pretty easy for the most part. I highly recommend Blaine’s Program!

- Blair

***Results may vary***

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and look and feel like I did in my competitive rowing days! This simple program works FAST!

- Gerry

***Results may vary***

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I can not say enough great things about Podaima Performance. Both Ally and Blaine were extremely kind, caring, helpful, and knowledgeable about their work. The equipment was clean, and the gym was always well kept. It is 100% worth all the time and money I can not recommend this place enough! Even if you are somewhat new to training, Blaine and Ally both created a safe environment to try new things. Podaima is a tremendous place to train in.

Finally reached out to Blaine to start getting myself back into shape before my wedding. Blaine was great to work with, customizing my training to meet my goals and working around my wants making his program fit. The support was incredible and Blaine helped me take off 60lbs in just a few months! Better than that, since it has given me the foundation and the head start to continue my fitness journey making it a lifestyle change instead of just a stopgap for wedding photos. Thank you Blaine!

Excellent experience with Blaine and all of his staff!! I was uncertain about starting a program like this but was made to feel comfortable and welcomed from the start. All of the staff have been great, helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging. The facility is very well maintained and clean. I’m so glad I took the leap and chose the best place to do so!

Blaine and his Podaima Performance team are a class act! Blaine helped me to lose 70+ lbs while greatly increasing my fitness. I was sold on training with Blaine when he told me “no one has had to quit because they’ve been hurt” and “no one quits because it’s too hard.” Both the diet and exercise program are easy to understand and follow, and Blaine provides encouragement and accountability to make sure you can be successful. I am impressed by Blaine’s knowledge and careful coaching but even more I am impressed by his commitment to his clients. Blaine truly believes in the potential success of his clients. While training with Podaima Performance I was not only able to meet my weight loss and fitness goals but also gained the knowledge and confidence to make fitness a part of my lifestyle. Thanks, Blaine!

Since my wife has been going to Podaima Performance, I've noticed a huge change in her well-being. She is happier, she is motivated and is encouraged by the professional training from Blaine and his team. This isnt just about weight loss, she feels healthier, she looks healthier and has energy. Overall, this has made a huge difference in her life. It's encouraging to see her pick thru clothing that didn't fit before and say : "I can wear this again!". Thank you so much for being such a support to her and to build her confidence that she can do this, and that she is definitely worth it! 🙂

I found the PODAIMA Performance gym to be an excellent program. It is unique in its approach. Personalized attention, tracking system and only twice weekly weight lifting sessions. Blaine is committed , supportive , knowledgeable, and has a genuine no nonsense approach. Thank you to Blaine and your wonderful staff.

First, let me say I am writing this review as someone who has attempted weight training in the past. The experience at Podaima Performance virtually guarantees success for several reasons: 1) a specific set of exercises are developed with knowledgable staf,f 2) the exercises change after a few weeks in order to keep the program interesting for the client, and to continue to challenge the body, 3) a staff member monitors the client while he or she is doing the exercises to ensure correct form, 4) the trainers work with a maximum of two clients at a time to ensure that each person gets the appropriate attention, 5) each workout is logged with exercises, weight and reps to track progress and make adjustments as necessary, 6) the gym is a safe, welcoming place - never crowded and never intimidating, in fact, I feel like part of a family of like-minded individuals, and 7) diet consultation is included as part of the program. I have said many times that I could not have made the gains that I have working on my own. I do not regret for a minute my decision to work with Blaine and the staff at Podaima Performance.

Since my wife has been going to Podaima Performance, I've noticed a huge change in her well-being. She is happier, she is motivated and is encouraged by the professional training from Blaine and his team. And this isnt just about weight loss, she feels healthier, she looks healthier and has energy. Overall, this has made a huge difference in her life. It's encouraging to see her pick thru clothing that didn't fit before and say : "I can wear this again!". Thank you so much for being such a support to her and to build her confidence that she can do this, and that she is definitely worth it! 🙂

Walking through the doors, June 27, 2022, was the best decision I made. I was nervous, full of anxiety, but that only lasted a few minutes. BLAINE was there waiting for me, greeted me with a warm smile and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I never felt that there was something I couldn’t do because they worked with me and the ability that I had, in order to be successful. This gave me much need confidence to the point that I wanted to come back right away. Blaine keeps a well maintained, organized gym that is very clean and not overcrowded. I don’t feel overwhelmed, we are all there to achieve the same goals, better health, more confidence and weight loss. BLAINE and his team are always very encouraging, telling us that we’re doing a good job. I love the communication that we all share, each one of us have a part of building one another up, we also have some really great laughs. Over the past six months I have lost 30 pounds, I have reduced my blood pressure, ferritin level has dropped to half, I have improved my mental state of mind, I’m more happy and positive. This has not only been positive for me but it’s had a positive effect on my family. To the PODAIMA team Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for helping me see the importance of good health and putting me first so I can be a better version of me.

I am so happy to be a client of Podaima Performance for the last 7 months. I needed some guidance and consistency and a way to incorporate challenging workouts within my busy schedule. My focus is to some degree on weight loss, but mostly on feeling more energetic and healthy to manage my life. I also have always wanted to be trained like an athlete with steady performance tracking which is central to Blaine's method. Life has been really difficult since the pandemic and beyond, and working out consistently with Podaima Performance has given me the mental and physical strength and endurance to manage my stressful life and meet the daily demands whilst losing weight, gaining muscle and eating healthier. Blaine and his team are wonderful to work with and have been very encouraging and supportive. Blaine is very particular about the cleanliness, functionality and minimalist aesthetic of the gym. Having a gym to go to with knowledgeable and talented trainers, superior equipment and amenities (nice spacious showers) with only a few clients using the gym at a time, makes me feel like a VIP client. I highly recommend Podaima Performance for anyone at any level of fitness, who would like help to achieve their fitness goals, improve their health and decrease the stress in their lives.

While I trained for a short period of time before heading south to Mexico I had amazing accomplishments thanks to Blaine and staff… knowledge is power and Blaine is powerful! Will be heading back into his Gym upon my return!

I can not Thank Blaine and team enough for guiding me toward my goal . The “New and Improved” Marina is Back! Your training style rocks! Looking forward to work out in your gym after my vacation.💪💪💪

My husband had asked me to join a gym with him and I was like 'No way, all those people (younger, fit, beautiful people) who know how to use everything and what to do for workouts. Not to mention the glass windows for all the passersby to watch me...no thanks'! Then I heard bout Podaima Performance...a gym for 40+ individuals and I had to check it out. I was at the point where I had had enough! I am in my mid forties and my knees were sore all the time, I was out of breath going up and down my stairs at home, and I had hurt my rotator cuff trying to do workouts on my own at home and had been going to physiotherapy for over a year and I thought 'Wow! I am too young to feel this old!' I have to do something before it's too late and I can't keep going to physio. WelI, I heard Podaima had personal trainers and limited the group of people per session and I was sold, I had to try it! Let me tell you I am so glad I did! After only 6 weeks my shoulder had improved so much my physiotherapist said I didn't have to go back regularly to treat it (only if I needed to)! It's been 4months now and I have lost weight, inches off my waist, hips, legs and I feel so much better, stronger, fit! The staff at Podaima Performance are super supportive, knowledgeable and they have become my friends as they are always by my side while I workout. They make sure I am doing the exercises correctly and encourage me to keep going when I think I can't continue. I can't say enough good things about this place! I love being a part of this little 'family' and I look forward to going for my workouts! And, best of all...no glass windows😉

I did not want to enter my 60s going in the same direction that I had been heading for the past 20 years. I was 50 lb overweight and out of shape and it wasn't getting any better with time. When I reached out to Blaine I really appreciated his approach to the whole process starting with a telephone interview to see if his program was even a fit for me. He wasn't going to sign up just anyone and everyone and risk setting someone up to fail. Well after almost 2 years of procrastinating following that phone interview I finally pulled the trigger a few months before my 60th birthday and have not regretted a moment of it. I lost 30 lb in the first three months of the program and Blaine estimates that I have put on 10 lb of muscle in that same time frame. I have 20 more pounds to go to hit the goal I gave myself and I'm excited to reach that by summer. As a 60-year-old I truly appreciate the environment within the gym as I am surrounded with other mature adults who are there to accomplish the same type of goals that I am. I love the fact that there are never more than four clients working out at any given time and I also appreciate the flexibility of the staff to accommodate my erratic schedule when I need to change my workout date and time. Blaine and the trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly and are always encouraging to me about my progress. The gym and shower facility are always kept impeccably clean and even the music playing overhead is sometimes tailored to my generation. After every workout, I walk out of that facility feeling absolutely fantastic because my energy level is so high. I know for a fact that I would not have made the progress that I have made by doing my own workouts in my home gym. The motivation and personal accountability that I get from the program makes it worth every dollar. I highly recommend Blaine and his staff.

The best choice of my life joining Blaine and the staff ! I’m 48 and have never been to a gym in my life, I always have been active but having Blaine and the staff help me train properly has added strength and energy to my daily routine that I never really had …. plus loosing 45lbs in is very motivating I always look forward to going to the gym, rain or shine !

While I have just started at podiama performance I am already seeing results ! Blaine and his team are motivating and beyond helpful. The atmosphere and training are well worth anyone’s time and money

I have been going to Podaima now for 3 months and what a great experience it has been! All of the staff are so friendly and supportive, and the gym is so clean!! What I like the most about Podaima is that it is for people 40+ and there are not a lot of people in the gym at the same time so you really get to focus on your workout. The workout programs really bring results. In three months I have lost inches and have gained so much strength I didn’t even know I could get! Aside from the physical change, my self-esteem is also higher since I am eating healthier and exercising! Thanks Blaine and the team - can’t wait to see the changes that come for me in the next quarter!

I joined Podaima Performance the third week of September 2022 when I hit an all-time rock-bottom cracking the 200 pound mark. I spoke with Blaine on the phone that same day that I got on the scale and I knew immediately that this was the place for me. I started my two day a week workouts the following week and I am ecstatic that I am down 24.4 lbs to date and stronger than I’ve been in years! The staff are awesome and always have a friendly hello by name when you walk through the door. This 40+ geared facility is a wonderful atmosphere and very clean. Most of my workouts are with Blaine and Elger who know when to just add a few more pounds and make me work that extra bit harder which I love. Ally is super accommodating when it comes to setting up my schedule each week. Love it! You will too!! Jen C

Great gym Blaine sets you up with your own program. Easy diet to follow I was very happy with my results.

I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful team at Podaima Performance. When I first reached out to Blaine, I had a strong desire to get my health and fitness back, but deep inside, I didn't believe this time would be any different than any of the many other times I have tried and fallen. I live with a connective tissue disorder that is problematic at the best of times, and I was just recovering from a very significant shoulder surgery that year. On top of that, my weight was the highest it has been in my life. I knew I needed to make changes, but also knew I couldn't succeed on my own any more. I needed professional guidance. That first day, I almost turned around, but I am so happy I walked into the gym instead! In 12 short weeks, I have lost so much body fat, gained significant muscle tone, and most importantly, regained my confidence, my smile, and my vitality (not to mention all the clothes in my closet that now fit again!). All you have to do is follow the program - workouts and diet (especially the diet). It works and the person I see in the mirror today is the proof. The workouts are tailored to my limitations, and Blaine and his staff ensure I remain injury-free. I just show up ready to work, and they take care of the rest. I feel I have turned back my biological clock 20+ years, and I'm just getting started. Others notice it too, and when they ask what I'm doing, I just tell them about Podaima Performance!

Working out with Blaine was and is the best decision I've made in a long time. I've lost weight and put on muscle and I feel great! I didn't know for sure how long it would take to feel better but with his program made it easy to feel better almost right away. His gym facility is a 10/10 and his staff are amazing people and would highly recommend Blaine to anyone.

I cannot recommend Blaine & his team enough. I started on the program in January of 2022 and within a couple of months I had dropped over 20 lbs and shortly after that I had reached my goal weight and my blood pressure had improved considerably, at 52 years old I was probably in the best shape of my life. For anyone considering the program, just do it..You will have no regrets!

Blane and his team are great! My brother recommended this to me and I have never weight trained or enjoyed going to the gym till I started with the program. I lost 20lbs in 3 months and kept it off and my strength was life changing. I am addicted now and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for big changes in your body and lifestyle.

Blaine and his team have been incredible! I have not worked out for years or longer even, and Blaine at Podaima has made it fun, effective, safe and something I look forward to! You will not regret joining here!

I highly recommend Podaima Performance. Blaine and his team are very knowledgable, professional and motivating. I used to be a runner, and when I injured my lower back, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to start a program. That’s when I found Podaima Performance. I had never done weight training before. Blaine created a full body work out specific to me. I’ve gotten great results so far, and I’m looking forward to my physical journey with his team. The gym is beautiful, well equipped and super clean. There are only 2 people training at the same time per trainer……no large groups. Give Blaine a call….you will be happy you did!!!

Blaine Podaima is the most amazing trainer I have ever worked with. He cares about your health, using proper techniques and wants you to succeed. His program works and I personally saw the pounds melt off. Thank you Blaine for all that you do! I appreciate it so much!!

Have you had that moment when you don’t even recognize yourself in a picture? What you see is so far from what you thought you looked like? Well, that happened to me! It motivated me to reach out to Blaine for personal training at the recommendation of a friend who had great results on Blaine’s program. I’ve tried one fad after another, including diets and exercise plans, but nothing came close to the results I achieved with Blaine. I was amazed at the strength I gained. I kept hitting new Personal Bests with my squats and deadlifts, and eventually beating most of the men training with Blaine and his team: ) But more importantly than losing weight I gained confidence to try other physical activities! I started playing soccer (my 1st time ever), you can catch me on a spin bike almost every day of the week, and I have picked up running again. For the first time, I’m not afraid to try new things with my new core strength. It doesn’t mean I’m a natural, but it has opened so many more doors not only personally but professionally with my new confidence. Life changing!!

This plan works. If you follow the plan as Blaine has it set up you will not only lose weight but also feel a whole lot better. I work out with mostly Ally and Elger. Both are great, very attentive and always there to correct when your lifting incorrectly. Blaine also has a "good job" comment if you are doing things right. I would recommend this to all. Also great private setting. Only members so most of ghe time there are 4 training, two trainers and that's it. 👌

This is by far the best workout experience I have very had. I started in June 2022, and have lost 50 lbs. Blaine is very knowledgeable. The approach of members only at specific appointment times, means I never workout with more than three others in the very large and clean facility. The staff who are all excellent have a well designed workout schedule for me every time I visit, and I never have to waste time waiting for a machine, bench or mat. Everything is extremely clean and since the facility is large, the clients are all well separated. The clients are all very focused and we are in and out in a hour. This is a faclity for anyone. No body shaming or performance compentition. Your start slowly, and are constantly supervised to ensure you are safe and getting maximum benefit. In a couple months you will be stunned by the progress you have made. In a word excellent all round.

The program and the gym at Podaima Performance are excellent. The place is very clean and the trainers are very knowledgeable. I am well on my way to loosing those Pandemic pounds and I feel great! I highly recommend this gym

If you’re tired of fad diets and fitness programs that don’t deliver the magic results they promise, then you need to check out Blaine at Podaima Performance. Blaine’s program is blissfully simple. He’ll customize a nutritious food plan and regular workout and he’s 100% committed to your success. There is one catch-YOU have to do your part and if you spend One month testing him out, I can pretty much guarantee you'll see a big change. I’m over 65 and I’ve lost 30 pounds and kept it off for over 3 years. I can touch my toes and do squats and I’m stronger and feel better than I did 10 years ago. I’m not actively working out with Blaine right now but I read his daily motivation messages and follow his food recommendations and workout strategies and will continue to do so because it works and I don’t feel deprived or experience binge cravings.

Blaine and the trainers at Podaima Performance are the most professional fitness coaches I have worked with. They understand the value of my time. They are fully prepared when I attend my sessions with a fitness plan designed to get the results I want. I have been training with Blaine for 4 years and have lost over 100lbs. This is a fully equipped professional facility that is exclusive, clean, fun and all staff are certified trainers with many years of experience.

Blaine’s gym is a place where I go to train and exercise, but also to unwind, socialize, and recharge. Therefore, a good gym is a facility that promotes physical activity, provides a safe, functional, and comfortable workout environment, and creates a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for recreation and socialization. I have been working with Blaine for 10* years. In his new location and great staff I continue to train twice weekly. I have lost weight with his program so I know it works but commitment on my part is essential. I continue to train with Podaima Performance because of their passion and motivation which continues to inspire me as I enjoy my retirement. The gym is clean, setup well, offers me more than I expected. I have met lifelong friends at the gym. Thank you Blaine

Great Gym The trainers care about YOU and want you to meet your goals! I loved every minute with Blaine and Alli

My strength and mobility have increased significantly since joining. Friendly, super clean. Love it! Lots of encouragement.

The atmosphere in this gym is very nice and clean, top notch equipment, no loud music. You are personally trained. They teach you best practices and it is a personal service compared to many other gyms i have trained at. I have had very good results.

Blaine is fantastic: he has the answers you need to get to your goal and doesn't sugar coat anything. The environment is perfect for focusing on results. If you want results, Blaine is the guy to go to!

The new Podaima Performance gym is the perfect solution for those of us who want weight loss and health improvement results but have struggled on our own. The facilities are immaculate and have all the top quality equipment that you could need. And most importantly, Blaine Podaima knows what he’s doing! You will work hard, but you will gain confidence and feel the sense of accomplishment as you gain strength and health with every passing week. If you’re a novice and worried, don’t be. The Podaima Performance team with their personal attention and proven systems will lead you through every step of the way, making the process manageable and fulfilling. I strongly and sincerely recommend Podaima Performance!

This program definitely works!! I walked into the Gym doughtful about my ability to loose weight. I was in the worst shape of my life and my mental state was even worse. After starting the program, I immediately began feeling better. I'm down 50 pounds and still have weight to loose, but I'm confident it will come off. Thank you Blaine and team!! My success is owed to your program!!!, 😊

HIGHLY recommend! Beautiful facility!! Blaine and Staff are fantastic! Reached my goals in 2 months and took away tools I will use for life!

I can't say enough good things about Blain and his facility! He is great at what he does, and I will refer everyone I know.

I lost 16 lbs. in one month. Blaine is very nice and I highly recommend that you should sign up. It is all worth it when you see the result. Staff are very nice and knowledgeable.

I can’t say enough good things about Blaine, his team, and the gym itself. Me and my son started weight training here with a goal in mind, but have gotten so much more out of it than we intended. I never liked the environment of most gyms that were often loud, crowded and intimidating and so I would end up not going. This setting is impeccably clean, approachable and I feel a sense of belonging. It’s like I have my own private cheering squad that wants me to succeed between the trainers and the small number of other clients there at the same time. I’ve discovered that I actually love lifting weights and getting strong - I feel FIERCE - and I had no idea I was able to change the shape of my body like this, especially in the later half of my 40s. Blaine is all about keeping things simple, streamlined and easy to follow in terms of nutrition, and keeping workouts challenging and effective to maximize results. Competing advice on diet and exercise has typically been overwhelming for me, but Blaine has made it stupidly simple. He has worked with clients for so many years that he just knows the typical patterns and challenges people face and with so much experience he is able to respond with practical advice that actually works. This has definitely been worth the investment, and I feel better than I ever have. Thanks Blaine!

I have been on program for 10 months now. I’m extremely happy with the results I have achieved since last March. At that time I was really at my wits end, overweight and out of shape. The diet plan is not complicated and the workouts are designed for every level. If you are ready to tackle a weight loss and workout plan, go for it. You will not regret it. Blaine and his staff are excellent. The support has been above and beyond.

Very impressed this program. Blaine and his team are knowledgeable and very dedicated in getting you back to a better state of health in a safe manner. I started with them back in January and I am down approximately 20lbs and am gaining muscle and strength, which I feel is very important as you age. Highly recommend this place if you want to lose weight and feel better.

Blaine and his staff are amazing. They are always so upbeat, motivating, knowledgeable and encouraging. The community they have built at this personal trainer studio is incredible, and it is such a joy working out at this gym. When I joined this workout, I was hesitant not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was thinking of just trying it for just a month but the results I have seen in myself are amazing. I feel energized everyday and my colleagues have recognized my high energy and weight loss. I was loosing weight so fast and reached my target within the first 4 weeks. Definitely I recommend and encourage everyone to try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

When I first contacted Blaine I was low on confidence and as a result my health was suffering. After my first phone meeting with Blaine I knew I was going to be in good hands. His understanding of how mental health is just as important as physical health if someone is to reach there long term goals is truly invaluable. With his nutritional advice and tough, but enjoyable personal training sessions. I was dropping weight in no time and getting stronger and faster every single week. But more importantly my confidence was improving. I'm now 3 months into this healthier journey, down 65 pounds and I couldn't be happier with my progress. Every now and again I've had set backs, but I've learned, thanks to Blaine's guidance not to give up, just pick yourself up the next day and get back on track. As of now, I'm focusing on specific goals such as eating healthier, staying active and continuing my weight loss journey with Blaine's help. I know I have the best chance to achieve my goals with Blaine & his team, as his program works!!! Also, want to say a big Thank You to Ally (Trainer) she is great at helping you understand how to use the gym equipment and doing the exercises properly & safely.

Blaine and his 3 coaches have helped me successfully achieve my weight loss goals over the last 3 months. The level of support, professionalism and willingness to answer questions is second to none. I am reaching my fitness goals, but will continue to be a client for the foreseeable future. With so many fitness coaches available these days it can often be difficult to narrow down who you should turn to for you health and well being. I would encourage anybody who is looking for immediate results to contact Blaine. 3 members of my family now see him 2 x a week.

Blaine is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. As a former client it is so incredible to see him now operating out of his own space! If you are ready to take your fitness and weight loss seriously... check them out!

I started working out with Blaine in 2015, after being recommended by a friend and continued 2 to 3 times per week for 5 years. Then COVID-19 arrived and I didn’t do much…so I gained some weight and didn’t feel great. I made the decision to return to training together at his new gym 2x per week and have felt invigorated once again. After our sessions, I can literally feel the rush of endorphins. Thank you for holding me accountable, getting maximum results in minimal time at the gym, and making me feel great! Sent from my iPhone

Blaine was dedicated and diligent in helping me reach my weight loss goal within 4 months - all virtually. He has extensive online tools, years of experience and expertise that was invaluable in keeping me focused and accountable throughout the journey. He really cares about his clients and although I have never met him, feel like he is a trusted advisor and friend. I enjoyed his sense of humour, authenticity and “tell it like it is” when it comes to weight loss truths and myths. I have maintained my goal weight for 3 months and could not have succeeded without him. I tried many programs and approaches over the years, but his program was the only one that worked for me!

Blaine and his staff are very professional and informative in any questions I had during my workouts. Very clean and spacious. Blaine was super accommodating when I had to reschedule! Would highly recommend. If I could critique one thing it would be I wish I was able to attend the gym outside my time slot.

Blaine is the best at what he does. If you are over 40 and need to lose weight and/or remake yourself, he is the man to call. His emails and online submissions are GOLD, and the Monday morning motivation is something I look forward to every week. Go Blaine!!

Working with Blaine throughout my weight loss journey has been a true pleasure As difficult as it is to loose weight somehow Blaine makes it pleasurable and keeps it real Shoots straight from the hip and I like that I lost nearly 50 lbs and have gained a toned body to boot Thank you podaima performance You changed my life Mariette

I started working with Blaine just a month ago…. Already feeling much better, stronger and optimistic about my opportunity to get back to a confident version of myself. I was at a point where I didn’t even feel confident enough to go to a gym - lose another 20 pounds and then go I told myself! This program will give the tools & motivation to get to you on track to optimal health & self-esteem. There’s no judgement - it’s a private gym with only a few clients/session and supportive pros to get you feeling great again! The diet & workout plan works - I’m already losing and don’t feel deprived at all! Don’t wait - Blaine will get you where you want/need to be - whatever you goals are!

Blaine and his team were absolutely fantastic. I had tried to lose weight for 20 years with virtually no success. With them, I lost 70 pounds in a little over 6 months. All I had to do was show up and do as I was told.

Excellent facility and concept. If you are looking for professional training in a private setting this place is perfect. Good quality equipment, impeccably clean and spacious facility.

Blaine is amazing! I had the problem with follow through. I would start working out and dieting on my owe but never made any headway. I started working with Blaine and he kept me on track and I was able to lose a lot of weight. Highly recommend!!!

Blaine has been instrumental in assisting me in reaching my goals. We may not have always agreed on things but I know his desire has always been to see me succeed in my weight loss.

Chris's Progress Report!

This is What Losing 60 pounds in 6 Months Looks Like


Chris has been training twice per week for the past 6 months with our T4OFIT Rapid Weight Loss System and has lost 60 pounds of fat...while gaining significant strength and muscle mass!!


It is 54 pounds on the scale plus whatever muscle he has gained in the time which = at least 60 pounds.


Chris is extremely hard working and dedicated to the program and will most definitely reach his goal...stay tuned!


***Results may vary***


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