Lose Weight After 40
Training Only TWICE Per Week With Our

T40FIT Rapid Weight Loss System

Frequently Asked Questions
    • How often do I need to train to see results?
      Most of my clients train 2x/week for 45 minutes and have excellent results.
    • Where do you train at?
      Podaima Performance Unit 2-920 Lorimer Blvd, Winnipeg.   It’s a nice, quiet, un-intimidating gym.
    • Do I need to get a gym membership as well?
      No, that is included in your membership.
    • How fast will I lose weight?
      This differs for everyone and is highly dependent on how well you diet and how hard you workout.  I do know that my programs can be highly effective for rapid weight loss when done properly.
    • I don’t have any experience working out, is that ok?
      Absolutely!  Most of the people that use my services have never stepped foot in a gym before.
    • I hate cardio and find it boring.  Do we need to do this for weight loss?
      I do too.  Cardio is actually very ineffective for weight loss.  This means you won’t be doing any, if you don't want to.
    • Won’t weight training make me all big and bulky?
      No, not if you don’t want it to.
    • I hate dieting!  Will I have to follow a diet?
      Yes you do.  This is non-negotiable.  You want results and so do I.  You will not be hungry and you will feel 100x better...I promise!
    • I have tried many times to lose weight and it just seems that it will not come off no matter what I do!  How will this be any different?
      You were doing it all wrong.  There is way too much bad information out there.
    • I have never worked out before and quite honestly the gym scares me!
      Most people that come see me have this concern.  Trust me, you will see just like they did that you have absolutely nothing to worry about!   My professionalism, knowledge, and experience will put you at ease immediately.
    • I don’t like working out infront of other people…can we do this in my home gym?
      No.  99% of home gyms will not give you the results you are looking for.  Also the drop out rate for people who work out at home is extremely high.  However if you would like to do my programs on your own then look into my online training here.
    • Will I be hungry?  I hate being hungry!
      No you will not be hungry.  I promise!
    • Will this be too hard for me?  The last time I worked out it almost killed me.  Are you sure I can handle this?
      You will handle this just fine.  It almost killed you because you never progressed properly.  In my 20 years of training I have yet to have a client to quit because it was too hard.  This is actually one of my skills that I am most proud about.
    • I want results super bad!  Can you make sure they happen quickly?
      Yes!  I want them just as bad as you.  You are my walking advertisements!
    • If I lose weight faster won’t it be easier to put back on as opposed to losing it more slowly?
      No.  This is another myth.  The studies out there actually suggest the opposite.  This means the faster you take the weight off the more likely you are to succeed and keep it off!
    • How do I know that you know what  you are doing?
    • Look at my education, experience and results.  You can’t argue with those!  Some very smart and successful people have given me great testimonials.  I have been doing this for 20 years and have learned hands on from the top trainers in the world.  These guys charge over $600/hour for their consulting services.  Also I can provide references if you want.
    • Why would I pick you over a trainer at one of the big chain gyms?
      Me and my business have built up a reputation that I have worked very hard for, and I am very proud of it!  I will guard with my life!  This means I will do everything in my power and go the extra mile to make sure you get the results that you are looking for!  We succeed or fail together.
    • How much is this going to cost me?
    • The minimum is 16 weeks which will cost $1988.  Can be done with paying $497/4weeks.  This comes out to $62.13 a session which is a steal for what you are getting.

    • I don’t want to train with other people.  Can I train with you 1 on 1?
    • No, I used to train one on one for many years.  Once you have done something for tens of thousands of hours it becomes like second nature.  We can easily handle multiple people at a time.  I actually feel that it is poor use our  time and skills training one on one.    We now only train 2 people at a time/trainer.  Don’t worry you will all be doing different exercises in different parts of the gym, but my attention/time will be divided.  Don’t worry this does not affect quality of training or results.  I have been doing this for a very long time and this system works well.  My clients actually prefer this as it is more cost effective and more efficient.  This is why I can charge you $62.50/session instead of $125/session.
    • Why do you require a 4 month minimum?  Are you trying to soak me for cash?
      I do this to make sure you get the results you desire.  I have found that anything less is a waste of time and money.   4 months works well for teaching people how to properly workout, diet, and for good weight loss habits to form.  I have to feel confident that when you leave me you are thrilled at how much you have achieved and learned.  On a side note I actually lose money by having this minimum as I turn people away all the time that want go for shorter periods of time.  Sure I could just take the cash knowing that you would more than likely fail but I just wouldn’t feel right about that!
    • Why do people continue to train with you long after they have reached their goals?  It seems like a waste of money to me.
      The number one reason people tell me is that it keeps them accountable.  They say that they know it’s an appointment they will make it to and it would be too easy to blow off or skip appointments if they were on their own.  I also often hear that people don’t want to worry or think about anything when they get to the gym.  They just want to be told what to do.  I have no problems with that!
    • Your service sounds too good to be true!  Is there anyone that shouldn’t use your service?
      Actually there is.  We don’t work with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness competitors.  There are other people in the city that are more knowledgeable, have more experience, and have better equipment for working with these people.  My specialty is helping people busy professionals over 40 lose weight and get healthier.  I understand that these people have busy lives so my programs are developed to get maximum results with the least amount of time and effort.  As they say, “he who is an expert at everything is an expert at nothing!”
    • What methods of payment do you accept?
      Credit Card
    • What are your hours?
    • Monday-Friday 6am-9am, 3pm-8pm.  Saturday 830am-2pm
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