2 Tips For A Lean And Healthy Body

1. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, then lunch, and finally supper should be the smallest. Breakfast should be high protein and higher fat. If you have eaten enough you will not be hungry for a good 6 hours. This goes against what many people do.Most people will do the following:

  • skip breakfast
  • eat a high carb/low protein breakfast
  • supper as the biggest meal of the day

This will cause the person to eat more throughout the day and have more cravings. Both of which are bad if you are trying to lose weight.


2. Never eat until full. Most people do not stop eating until they are stuffed.  A person should stop when they are 70%-80% full. This is a lot harder to do if you eat a bad diet. High fat/carb foods interfere with the bodies ability to regulate hunger.

This is why when you eat high fat/high carb foods such as pizza you can keep eating and eating and your hunger is never really satisfied until you are stuffed. Now contrast this with a spinach salad and chicken breast and chances are you will have a hard time even finishing it as you will be full. The pizza a person could have easily eaten over 2000 calories and the chicken and salad would be about 400 calories. Now if a person does this every meal of the day you can see how they would gain vs. lose weight.

If you follow these 2 tricks daily, they will definitely help you on your way to a lean physique.

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