Sunday Set Up Days For Reaching Goals

I believe that Sundays are a critical day for not only losing weight but for setting up to have a productive week.

  • Meal prep: Sundays should be used as a meal prep day where you cook and package all of your meals for the week. Meal prep is critical and simply by doing this you greatly increase your chances of losing weight.
  • Cleaning/Laundry: Doing this on Sundays means you don’t have to do it during the week or only minimal upkeep. During the week everyone is busy so adding all of this to the middle of your week just adds stress and drains mental resources. Also you start the week off with a place that is clean and tidy which I believe spills over into all areas of life.

  • Plan/List/Strategize: I do this on Sundays for the week and also every morning when I get up. Many experts believe in doing this and it has helped me immensely. There are many ways to doing this but I do have a big master list, weekly list, and daily list that is always changing. I have noticed an ongoing trend in people saying to plan/list/journal first thing in the morning and I endorse this 100%.

I strongly believe that if you do the things listed above on Sundays that not only will your weight loss and fitness journey be more successful but your productivity will increase, stress levels will go down, and your overall quality of life will get better.

And that’s what it’s all about.



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