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There Never Is A Perfect Time

People are always waiting for the perfect time to start things. Especially if things seem difficult or put the person out of their comfort zone. I have been guilty of doing this as well. Whether it be fitness, weight loss, business, or really anything people have to wait until everything is perfect to start. Guess …

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4 Cutting Edge Supplements

I usually give my clients general supplements that are proven for well being and to cover nutritional deficiencies created by the diet. I don’t like to push supplements and I don’t recommend fat burners. However there are some interesting supplements out there that I just want to aware you of. These supplements are not required …

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2 Tricks To DESTROY Hunger

It stands to reason that if you are hungry on a diet you won’t last long on it. So one of the main objectives is to keep my clients in a state where they are not hungry most of the time. And for most clients once they pass the first week they are rarely hungry …

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