Why I HATE Unplanned Cheat Meals

So every once in a while something in a person’s life will come up and they will go off of their diet for a meal.

Whether it be an event, didn’t plan properly, or just something randomly came up.

From a calorie standpoint a unplanned cheat meal really isn’t going to make too much of a difference weight loss wise.

However from a psychological standpoint (and lets face it weight loss is mostly mental/psychological) it makes a world of difference.

Let me explain.

Say a person has been dieting perfect for a long time and then comes up with an unexpected cheat.

Something has then happened psychologically that makes it easier to cheat again.

For example a person has been dieting perfect for 3 months and is killing it.

Then they have an unexpected cheat.

Then maybe 2 weeks later they have another.

Then it’s every week.

Then it’s a couple of times in a week.

Then the diet is out the window.

When a person stops dieting they just don’t wake up one day and say f it I don’t want to diet anymore.

It usually is the exact scenario above.

So I know it is tough at times however things can snowball and get out of hand VERY FAST.

Recognize this and try to avoid at all costs!



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