Why Following A Moderate Diet Deficit Sucks

I am not a fan of moderate diets, either for myself or my clients.

By moderate I mean creating a moderate daily calorie deficit.

I like and use large daily deficits and prefer them and I will tell you why.

Even though you get to eat more food with the moderate diet, you still have to cut out all the real food that you really like, plus you will be just as hungry anyways.

Also, since the weight loss is much slower on the moderate deficit it is much less motivating to stay with the diet.

Don’t kid yourself when people drop a lot of weight in the first month it is highly motivating.

On the flip side as in with the moderate diet a person will lose weight so slowly while still having to give up their favorite foods. Not a very good return on investment.

At least with the large deficit you have to give up your favorite foods but you get some good weight loss out of it. As they say “The juice is worth the squeeze”

Also, with a moderate deficit if for some reason you have a cheat or break your diet you won’t lose any weight.  If you have an aggressive deficit if something does come up or you break your diet you will still lose weight.

If people lived in a bubble and were able to follow diets 100% then yes a moderate deficit would be preferable.

And don’t buy into the BS myth that if you lose the weight more quickly it is easier to put back on. How fast you lose the weight has zero relation to putting weight back on.

What does impact putting weight back on is going back to eating like crap. Thats a sure way to put the weight back on.

Lose weight with an aggressive calorie restriction that will give you immediate results and keep you highly motivated with my weight loss system.


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