Blaine Podaima of Podaima Performance with client Troy

Troys’ Success Story: 184 Pounds Lost In One Year!

Troy has lost 184 POUNDS in ONE YEAR! He started at 390 pounds and is now weighing in at 206 pounds! His friends, family and co-workers don’t even recognize him!

This is an amazing transformation! When Troy pulled up to the gym today I had to do a double take, I didn’t even recognize him!

Start: 56” Waist

Current: 34/36” Waist

Top Size Start: 5XL

Current: L

When talking to Troy, he said he can still remember the first phone call with me. I told him, “If you’re not ready to start within the next 48hrs, don’t bother.” That was on a Sunday, and he came in for his first session that Tuesday, and never looked back!

So HOW did he do it?? He trained with us for 7 months, then continued with the program for the past 5 months on his own. He was coming in consistently 2x/week for his training sessions.

The biggest factor was how consistent he was with his diet! He was eating 3 meals a day: lean protein and produce. Going out for work dinners he would (and still does) order a salad with protein + water.

He was (and still is) going for walks daily, getting in 10,000-15,000 steps/day! He continued the workouts at home and is on track 95% of the time!!

He also said all of his medical tests and numbers at his doctor’s are great and keep getting better every time he goes for a check up!

Both him and his doc are super happy!

He said he never wants to go back to where he was, and has loved adopting this new life style!

Awesome stuff Troy you look amazing and deserve everything you worked so hard for! Keep it up!

If you are tired of where you are, and are looking to make a change to your life, NOW is the time! We’d love to chat with you and help you get started on your Health and Weight Loss Journey!

Podaima Performance

Podaima Performance

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