The 2 Most Critical Times In Your Weight Loss Journey

You will often hear me say that the first 3 weeks of the diet are absolutely critical to reaching your weight loss goals.

You must do them absolutely perfectly.

Once you get to 3 weeks of perfect dieting you will not only see significant weight loss and change but it will also be much easier to do.

This combination sets the perfect stage for you to keep going and lose a lot of weight over a short period of time.

However within this 3 week period the 2 critical points are:

  1. weekend #1
  2. weekend #2.

During the week is easy for most people its the weekends where things get difficult.

A person MUST do these weekends perfectly or everything will fall apart.

Focus on doing these perfectly because if you don’t you will have a much higher rate of failure.

After those first 2 weekends the rest get much easier!

This is also why I tell my clients who can’t seem to get on track and are in a funk that they must do a 21 Day reset to help get back on track.



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