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Are You Willing To Change WHO You Are?

Last time I looked over half the population is overweight.

People are constantly in the revolving door of trying to lose weight, trying different programs and diets with the hope that they will find the “magical” solution to end their struggles and pain with weight loss.

Yes there is a high failure rate with weight loss programs.

The problem is people are looking for external solutions to their problems when the solution is staring back at them in the mirror.

That’s what really what needs to change.

Not some miracle supplement, program, or diet.

If you need to lose weight there are bad habits and behaviours, that need to be broken and changed.

You need to change WHO you are.

Let me explain further.

Are you the type of person who:

  • goes to the grocery store and just buys healthy choices like like lean protein and produce. Or do you go buy hot dogs, pizza pops, chips, and a bunch of other garbage to bring home knowing you will eat it.
  • goes straight home after work and watches copious amounts of reality RAG TV while at the same time complaining you don’t have time to workout or exercise. Or do you make exercise a priority and do it even though sometimes you don’t feel like it.
  • must go out every weekend and eat and drink alcohol like it’s your last day on earth then wonder why you arn’t losing weight because you are starving yourself all week. (No its not your metabolism) Or do you stay at home or find other activities that will not put you in a position that will cause you to fly off the handle and eat and drink a million calories.
  • Do you make excuses for every little thing and have “the worst luck” (ya sure you do) or do you take personal responsibility for where you are in life, both the good and bad.

No diet, program or pill is going to fix anything until you fix WHO you are and start with that.

I promise you if you keep doing what you are doing as in the above examples you arn’t going anywhere.


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