A Sure Way To Fail At Weight Loss

If you want to dramatically increase your chances of not losing any weight then just simply do this and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t last long with your weight loss plan.

If you want to fail then don’t prepare your meals ahead of time or “meal prep” for short.

You should always know ahead of time what you are going to be eating and when,

Every night before you go to bed you should have all your meals ready to go for the next day.

You can’t just “wing it”

Every time I see my clients I ask them how their diet is.

For people who slip up one of the most common reasons I get is that they didn’t have anything prepared to eat. So they had to eat whatever was in fridge or quick or whatever.

I suggest making all of your meals for the week on Sunday. Weigh all the portions out, throw them in the freezer. The grab them as you need them.

If you follow this and just eat your meals it is impossible not to lose weight.

Me personally, I cook my whole protein for the month in one day. I go to Costco, buy a cart full of protein -fish, chicken, turkey, beef, protein. I then come home and cook it all. Its a big procedure and it’s kind of a pain to do but once its done you are set up big time.

No cooking for a month if you don’t want to and no need to go off the diet.


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