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Are Your Friends MAKING YOU FAT?

I was having this discussion with one of my newer clients. She has been training almost 2 months and has seen some great weight loss…well at the beginning anyways. The last few weekends she has fell off her diet and is basically at a standstill.

She said it’s on the weekends when her friends are always getting her to go out that she breaks her diet.

I then said, “well maybe you have to avoid them until you finish this weight loss thing. Once you are in maintenance mode then you can go back out with them.”

The thing is, I pretty much know that if she doesn’t give up these friends and just focus on herself she’s never going to do it.

For most people they cannot follow the same lifestyle that has gotten them to where they are now.

If you want to make a change like weight loss then you must look at various triggers and people that you know are going to make you eat bad.

Then you must follow some other activity/friends to be where you want to be.

The thing is, I told her , “your friends arn’t going anywhere. It’s gonna be the same people over and over and you arn’t missing anything!”

Just focus on this and only this or it’s never gonna happen.

I also told her, “that if you keep this up not only are you not gonna lose anymore weight…you will probably quit within a month”.

Focus on your goal, get there, then re evaluate. You can’t do everything and keep everyone happy.

You will be the happiest in the end anyways once you reach your goal.



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