You Are Never Too Out Of Shape Or Too Heavy To Get Healthy

A lot of times new clients will call me and ask me if I work with people that are very out of shape and/or overweight.

My response is, “of course I do…that’s my job!”

It does surprise me that they think like this, but maybe I shouldn’t be I don’t know.

I do want to set the record straight with you though.

You will never be too out of shape/overweight/too far gone to start getting healthier, losing weight, feeling better, etc.

The body is amazing at changing as long as you stress it in the right ways.

It’s amazing at how much a persons physical conditioning can change in 4 weeks.

The key is starting off slow and giving the right amount for the person so that it is no too much.

I had one client and she was 500 pounds. We had to start just walking around the track and she would have to stop

within 40 seconds and sit. I would follow her around with a chair. Slowly but surely we would increase amount of time walked, while decreasing rest breaks.

Next thing you know she was doing stairs. She made really good progress.

She ended up losing 60 pounds then quit however.

I wish I could say I have a 100% success rate but for various reasons as I’m sure you know is that some people will not do it.

There is a huge psychological factor that plays an important part that sometimes is over my head.

I can give the right info and support but some things are out of my area of specialty.

Anyways the point of the story is this:

No matter where you are at now, it is never too late to start.

Little by little every day challenge yourself a bit more.

Your body will change.

Your mind will change.

Maybe add a minute every time to your walk.

Maybe park your car a bit further away in the parking lot.

You will soon see that things will start to get easier and easier and you are able to tolerate more.

For very out of shape people I recommend working up to a 5/10 in how hard they are working.

Start of slow with maybe 15 minutes of exercise.

Slowly ramp up both duration and intensity.



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