How NOT To Get That Skinny-Fat Look

Skinny fat: Looking skinny with clothes on but when you take off your clothes you look fat. No muscle tone/mass and fat/flabby areas. Also this person will be weak…very weak and more than likely have poor posture.

Not a look anyone should be striving for and indicates poor health.

So how do we get this dreaded look?

By losing muscle mass and/or having very low % of muscle mass.

1.As you get past the age of 30 you lose 10% of your muscle mass per decade, so this is a reason why this look starts to creep in as you get older.

2.Also if you diet only without weight training the weight you lose is 30-50% muscle.

3.  If you do alot of cardio it also eats away muscle mass.

Any of these 3 things on their own will cause that skinny fat look but combine them and it will more than likely happen.

So how do you fix this?

Simple, weight train a couple times a week and eat enough protein to support muscle growth.



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