3 Killer Desserts You Can Eat DAILY While Dieting

Ok you guys are gonna love this one.

Here are 3 desserts you can eat daily! If this isn’t enough on a diet then I don’t think I can help you.

The base you can either use:

  1. Greek Yogurt
  2. Cottage Cheese

Now take one of these and measure out how much you eat will have to follow your protein goals for the day. Since each one is mostly protein these are both perfect bases.  Since they are mostly all protein and low fat this meals they are also low calorie!

Dessert #1: Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese + whey protein powder

Dessert #2: Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese + stevia + cinnamon

Dessert #3: Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese+stevia+ berries

Todays protein powders are very good tasting! But please go to a supplement store to buy them as they have a greater variety. Also the more expensive ones tend to taste better and are better quality. Alot of stores will let you sample first as well.

I have 4  flavors now and they all are super delish!

  1. chocolate peanut butter cup
  2. cookie dough ice cream
  3. banana cream
  4. salted caramel

They are all crazy good!

Try these out…these will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth while dieting!

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