Watch Your Nuts

Nuts can be very healthy for you. They contain good fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

But most people who are trying to lose weight should not eat them.

The big problem with nuts is that they are very calorie dense and people eat way too much of them. Even though they are healthy they contain a ton of calories.

Also most people have a very hard time regulating how much they eat. If they were to stick to one small handful a day they would be fine.

And one small hand full is not as much as you can fit into your hand at once.

Most people don’t do this, including myself.

How many times I have gone to Costco and bought the big container of nuts thinking, “sweet, I will just buy this and it will last me the whole month.”

Next thing you know the whole container is done in 3 days. One small hand full turns into 2, 3 then 4. This has happened many times….so many times that I no longer buy them when I am trying to lose weight. Eating this container in 3 days just killed my whole diet for the week. I must be perfect all week just to maintain my bodyweight from eating all these nuts.

For the amount of calories I ate with nuts I could have had pizza, ice cream, chips whatever and it would have not been any worse weight wise.

Most overweight people (including myself) have a problem with self control when it comes to high density calorie foods.

It makes zero sense to diet hard and give up a lot of your favorite foods just to go ahead and blow it on nuts.

It is very easy to undo they calorie deficit you created with your diet with that extra hand full of nuts.

When a client is not losing weight one of the first things I will do is remove nuts from the diet.


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