Success Breeds Success

This is such an important saying when it comes to weight loss.

Each day you are successful at dieting it makes it easier to diet the next day.

It compounds and increases by each day….a snowball effect.

This is how a weight loss plan will work…IF YOU DO IT PROPERLY.

Weekend 1: “This sucks…it’s hard, I’m hungry and if Blaine thinks I’m gonna eat like this he is crazy.”

Weekend 2: “This still kinda sucks but it is getting easier…on the plus side Im feeling better!

Weekend 3: “Im getting used to this…this isn’t that hard…maybe Blaine was right. I feel great and my clothes are fitting better!”

Weekend 4: “I got this! My clothes are really loose now…I’m not even temped to eat bad as it will interfere with my weight loss! Im getting addicted to how I am changing…plus I have lost 20 pounds!”

Once a person reaches this stage they can drop alot of weight quickly.

But you must get to the stage where the willingness to see more progress outweighs the urge to eat bad foods.

This usually happens about a month in.

Take each day at a time and you got this.


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