The Best Predictor Of Weight Loss Success

The ability to stick to the diet on the weekends.

The weekends are public enemy #1 when it comes to weight loss. Almost every one of my clients can follow the diet perfect from Monday to Friday.

However once the weekend happens then all hell breaks loose for alot of people.

Whenever I see my clients I always ask them how their diet has been. It has come to a point that I said Im not asking anymore on a Monday morning as I know there will be alot of people who will have blown it, and it gets me all worked up.

I want to see my clients succeed!

I totally understand if it happens once in a while, I get it. We are all human. But it is not something that should be happening every weekend. It seems that it is the same people over and over again that blow it.

And guess what?

It’s these same people that stay the same weight for a very long time…until they get a handle on the weekends.

You can follow this type of eating plan if you are trying to maintain weight, and it is actually what what I do myself. I diet really good throughout the week and have whatever I want on the weekends. 2 steps forward, 2 steps backward.

Understand and master eating on the weekends and you got this.



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