How To Drink Alcohol And Still Lose Weight

I knew for a long time that I would have to allow some alcohol in my weight loss program if I wanted people to follow it.

Hell I even knew for myself I would have to figure out a plan that I could still lose weight while being able to have some drinks.

Telling people to cut their sugars or fats isn’t that big of a deal…but telling them they can’t drink anymore well that’s another story!

Yes you can still drink alcohol moderately and lose weight but you have to do it right.

These are the rules you must follow if you want to lose weight while still being able to have some alcohol.

1. Try to limit the number of drinks per session and amount of days per week that you drink. Remember it all comes down to weekly calorie intake. A drink or 2 is ok a day or you can save it and have it at end of the week if that is your preference. So having a drink a night for the week or 7 in one night a week is the same. No I am not condoning heavy drinking but whatever floats your boat. From a weight loss perspective it is the same. Same calorie load same weight loss.

2. If you drink hard alcohol use water as a mix.


If you have a glass of wine with supper daily no big deal. If you have some drinks a few times a week no big deal. However you must stick to the diet.

The problem with alcohol isn’t necessarily the alcohol(unless you drink a lot or use sugar mixes.)

If you have a few drinks or a glass of wine you are really only adding a few hundred calories a day which isn’t that big of a deal…if you are keeping the calorie deficit low with your diet…you will still lose weight.

The problem with alcohol and why people gain weight when they drink is that usually they will have a few drinks then they eat crap (pizza, burgers, chips. etc.) not only that night but also the next day. Its not the 400 calories that they drank in alcohol that is causing them to gain weight but rather the 3000 calories they ate in garbage food that is causing them to gain weight.

I have had clients who drank A LOT but were so good with their diet that they lost a lot of weight.

Follow these rules and you can still have some fun…while losing weight!

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