My Stance On Snacks

People love their snacks.

Go walk down the aisles and aisles of snacks in the grocery store and you will see a wide variety of them.

Some are healthier and lower calorie ones then there are unhealthy, high calorie ones.

My stance on snacks is NOT TO SNACK AT ALL.

If you need to eat more than 3 times a day then there is something wrong.

You will often find that it’s the people that are eating all the time that are overweight.

A recent study showed that having a higher BMI was associated with eating more than 3 meals per day.

This is why my clients only get to eat 2-3x/day.

Also the evening snacking or grazing is absolutely killer for gaining weight.

It is funny though telling some people that they cannot snack is like the end of the world.

The other day I had an older woman call me and she was wondering why she was stuck at 200 pounds and cannot lose anymore no matter what she does.

This is how the convo went:

Her: I have lost 60 pounds but I am stuck at 200 and I have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight.  I cannot exercise very much right now but my diet is good.   Maybe my metabolizms is slow, should I eat more food?

Me: Good for you for losing that weight, NO DEFINITELY DO NOT EAT MORE FOOD.  What did you eat yesterday?

Her:  Well In the morning I had 3 eggs and a piece of toast, for lunch I had salad and some chicken, afternoon snack I had some nuts, cheese and a protein shake, for supper I had rice steamed broccoli, half an avocado, and some salmon, then for a bedtime snack I had some yogurt, granola and some berries.

Me: Well if you are not losing weight then you are eating too much food plain and simple.  You need to eat less.  Cut out your snacks and eat 2-3 meals a day.


Me: I mean cut out your snacks you are eating too much food which is why you can’t lose weight.

Her:  But how am I suppose to sleep?  I NEED a snack before bed before so I can sleep

Me:  No you don’t.  You called and asked for my advice, here it is.

Her: (long pause)  Hmmm ok, thanks bye!

Me: Later

This is just another situation of people not knowing and or not willing to do what it takes but yet they have tried everything and are “stuck.”

For most people you do not need snacks.  Sure if you are an olympic athlete, active kid, are very active, or do not need to lose weight then yes snacks are fine.

However if you need to lose weight, cut out all your snacks and eat 2-3 meals of protein and produce.

That is a very good start and should get you some results.


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