In A Calorie Deficit And Still Not Losing Weight?

Sometimes I will get frustrated clients telling me that they are following the diet yet they are still not losing weight.

The diet that I give creates a huge calorie deficit and huge weight loss.

Unless they have some sort of thyroid or metabolic condition which is rare then they are knowingly or unknowingly eating too much calories.


That would be like saying you keep driving around your vehicle but your gas gauge doesn’t move.

So what is actually happening here?

It could be a few things.

  1. They could be measuring their food wrong or calorie intake wrong. THIS IS USUALLY THE CASE
  2. They eat good during the week then the fall off on weekends thus undoing all the good they did during the week.

I look at weight loss like this: If a person needs 2500 calories a day to maintain bodyweight then they are allowed 17,500 per week to maintain bodyweight. If they only eat 7000 then they have created a deficit of 10,500 calories. Since a pound of fat has 3500 calories then that person would have lost 3 pounds for the week.

This is the law of thermodynamics.

It always comes down to calories in vs calories out.

It always wont be exactly like this for certain reasons but over all it should be pretty close.  Remember that weight loss is not linear and it sometimes takes a while to show the weight loss on the scale.

The trick is how to structure your diet so that it is the easiest to follow while maximizing weight loss results.


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