Delayed Gratification

The definition of delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, describes the process that the subject undergoes when the subject resists the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later​.

This is an extremely important concept when it comes to weight loss, getting healthier, and feeling better.

Most people are extremely impatient and do not want to give up things.  They want it and they want it NOW.

When it comes to weight loss you are going to have to make some sacrifices anyone who tells you different is FOS.

Whether it be not being able to eat the foods you want, or having to skip some social functions because it will throw you off your diet.

It is quite evident to me with my clients who is going to do well.  I often question them on their diet and when they break it.  Then I will dig deeper into they why’s.  The successful people make it a priority and will sacrifice.

I often tell people, “make your sacrifices now and get to your goal, once you get to your goal and are looking and feeling fabulous then everything in your life will be 100x better!”

Also, once you get to your goal maintenance is a lot easier and you can now have all your fun WHILE LOOKING AND FEELING AMAZING!

I often get clients telling me with excitement how many sizes they are down, or how they were finally able to buy and fit the clothes that they always wanted to.  I LOVE HEARING STORIES LIKE THIS.

To  see all of their hard work and dedication paying off is extremely satisfying for me.

This goes for all areas of life.

Highly successful people spend many years in school or working on their business until they finally make it.

They were able to make huge sacrifices to eventually get to their end goal…sometimes they had to sacrifice for many years.

No that guy never became a millionaire overnight, or he didn’t get lucky.  He probably busted his ass for 20 years before that.

But in the end it is worth it.

Start practicing some delayed gratification in your life and reach new levels of success!



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