My Love/Hate Relationship With Compliments

Compliments, I love it when my clients get them but at the same time I hate it.

One of the most rewarding parts of losing weight is getting compliments.

You can see my clients faces light up as they tell me about all the compliments they are starting to get.

This is awesome for confidence and is highly motivating to keep on going…

For some people.

For others it gets to their head and once the compliments start the weight loss stops.

They become kinda delusional to tell you the truth. And it happens a lot.

I have had clients go from like 400 to 300 and start getting a bunch of compliments which is great.

They have worked hard to lose the 100 pounds and you can see the massive increase in their confidence. Which I am super happy for them.

But I would say they get almost too much confidence and they start thinking they are all that.

They start wearing new clothes. Maybe a new hairdo.

And the weight loss stops.

I literally have to tell it to them straight, “its great and all that you have lost all of this weight but you still have over another 100 pounds to go!”

Some of them never get back on track and I feel that the compliments are a huge reason why they got derailed.



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