Transform 40 FREE Video

In This Video You'll Learn....

-The 4 pillars of my Transform 40 System and how they can get you from wherever you are where you want to record times!

-The "critical 10" points that must be considered when training people over 40...failure to follow even a few of these drastically reduces chance of success.

-What happens to people after 40 that makes weight loss harder...and how to reverse it with the proper training and diet program.

-Why I don't believe in using fat burners...and why I think using them is counter-productive!

-How listening to the weight loss gurus actually made me fat!

-The #1 exercise for 6 pack abs...nothing else even comes close!

-The 4 reasons why this "macro" must be the backbone for anyone that wants to be lean, fit, and healthy!

-My beef with dieticians and how overlooking certain psychological and social constructs are often the missing link to weight loss success.

-How to instantly kill your fear of the gym.  What you think is not as it seems.

-How to shatter through plateaus by doing this one thing a few times a day.

-How to figure out how many times a day to eat based on your very own genetics.

-The 3 critical supplements everyone over 40 should be taking...even most doctors are recommending them!

-The 2 "dirty little secrets" of the fitness industry and how they take advantage of a persons emotional buying's all about the cold hard cash!

-The reason why I have had clients stay with me for many years after they haver reached their goals and why they believe it is critical for their ongoing success with the program.

-What the best time of day to workout is...and the 4 reasons why I believe so....something as simple as changing this can dramatically increase your success!

-How believing in "starvation mode" is one of the main reasons why a lot of people gain weight.

-The number #1 factor that I have singled out that will ultimately decide if a person will be successful or not....master this and it is smooth sailing!

-The very first thing you must do or it pretty much guarantees you wont reach your goals...this also works well for other addictive behaviours.

This video is an hour long and is straight HEAT.  No fluff or BS, just simple actionable steps you can start using immediately!

Take advantage of this offer and leverage everything I have learned in the last 20 years to help you get to a place you never thought possible....I'll see you on the inside!

Blaine Podaima, CSCS
40+ Weight Loss Specialist
Creator Of Transform 40 The 2 Day A Week Rapid Fat Loss System For People Over 40

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