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Don’t Compare Your Progress To Others

The other day one of my clients who has been training with me for about a month asked me how she was doing and how her weight loss results compared to others that I have trained.

I actually get asked this question quite a lot.

It also something I don’t like to do.

I don’t like to tell people how much I think they can lose in a certain time frame as everyone is different and it does follow a bell shaped curve.

It depends on a lot of things such as how much weight you have to lose, genetics, body composition, hormone profile, etc.

I have had some people lose 30 pounds in their first month and at the other end of the spectrum I have had 5 pounds in the first month.

If someone has 100 pounds to lose and they lose 30 pounds in the first month is similar to someone who has 15 to lose and loses 5 in the first month.

It’s all relative to a point.

However generally speaking it does get harder to lose weight as you get leaner.

Keep in mind by looking at the 2 people in the above example you would probably notice just as big of a change by looking at them even though one lost 25 pounds more.

So anyways, this client lost 9 pounds in her first month and asked what my opinion of that was.

I said it was good and at that rate it would be 108 pounds for the year.

Then I said to her, “even if I said your results were bad how does that change anything?”

I said, ” you can’t eat any less” and “are you going to stop dieting if that was the case?”

How does it make any difference whatsoever?

It’s the cards you are dealt with so you just keep plugging along, you will get there.

It might take you a little longer than the next person or it might be faster.

It is what it is.

With that being said you should be losing weight from month to month and I am assuming you are following the correct weight loss program.

Not necessarily from week to week as weight loss is not linear(as I have to state to people over and over and over) but a downward movement from month to month should be expected.

If not then you need to start evaluating what you are doing and finding out where the problem lies.

The bottom line is never compare yourself with others and do the best that you can.

This goes with all things in life not just weight loss.

If you keep comparing yourself to others then you will more than likely never be happy with anything.


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