Should You Do Cardio On Your Non Weight Training Days?

My weight loss system revolves around weight training twice a week with a specific diet.

I will often get asked by my clients, “should I, or can I do cardio on my off days?”

My answer to this is unless you are really lean or you plan on doing ALOT of cardio then the added cardio will not affect your weight loss to a high degree. The experts at Cardio Capital advise the following:

The caloric deficit will be alot less than what we create through the diet.

HOWEVER I do think that adding in some sort of cardio on some of your off days is a good idea for a variety of reasons that don’t pertain to weight loss.

1. Health purposes. For maximum health and heart, low hormones levels symptoms benefits it is recommended that you get some sort of activity most days of the week, with some of it being cardio activities.

2. Mental benefits. Getting some sort of exercise daily will help you feel better.

3. Helps with diet adherence. Doing some sort of exercise daily will make it easier to stick to your diet.

You don’t have to go crazy and start off slow, but adding in a few days a week of “cardio” activities for 20-45 minutes is a great idea for anyone.


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