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Gaining 3 Pounds Overnight!

I was talking to one of my clients this morning who has been dieting well.

She has lost over 30 pounds and is really sticking to the program.

She said she went out one night and had some “non diet” foods but said she didn’t eat alot.

She then said she was shocked how when she stepped on the scale the next morning she had gained 3 pounds!

I then explained that this is normal and just water weight from the salt and carbs she ate. Once she gets back on the diet those 3 pounds will come off in a few days.

For her to actually gain 3 pounds of fat she would have to have eaten 10,500 calories over her maintenance calories for the day.

Since each pound of fat has 3500 calories.

She probably still even lost fat that night since she didn’t have alot.

She said she didn’t really eat anything all day because she knew she was going to be going out and wanted to save her calories for then.

This is very smart thinking and planning.

Remember if you magically gain a large amount of weight overnight then don’t freak out and realize it is more than likely a water fluctuation!



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