How To Get Rid Of A Food Hangover

Once a person starts to follow the correct diet for weight loss they will start to feel better almost immediately.  They will have more energy and will feel less “bloaty.”

But once in a while they will go off of their diet and eat a lot of bad foods, when this happens they will wake up with a “food hangover.”

I will often hear clients talk about this on a Monday morning after they have been bad all weekend.

It feels almost like a alcohol hangover but it is caused by food.

I actually like it when a person goes through this as it shows them how good they were feeling from eating the proper foods and how eating the wrong foods can make them feel awful.

It is motivational to not want to eat bad again.

Usually it will take a few days of eating good to start feeling better after this, however I found that you can speed up this process quite quickly.

Since the person is bloated and doesn’t really feel like eating anything the next day I recommend that they fast for most of the day and drink lots of water.

I wouldn’t eat until supper and keep it light with the right diet foods.

It is also important that you get in a good higher rep/high volume, full body, weight training workout as soon as possible, to help burn out all the sugars and toxins, and also promote endorphin release to make you feel better.  I would do this for at least 45 minutes and get a good sweat going on.

For the second day I would resume with the normal weight loss diet.

Follow these rules and you can cut down the length of time you must suffer through your “food hangover.”



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