How To Weigh Yourself Properly

If you are on a weight loss program and lifting weights then the scale is not the best way to measure results.

This is because you will be gaining muscle at the same time. So even though the scale is not moving you are actually losing fat and gaining muscle.

I do however think it is a good tool to use and make sure that all my clients do it DAILY.

Think of it this way: If a person comes in and they are 300 pounds then the scale definitely has to go down no matter how much muscle they gain.

Research shows that weighing yourself daily helps you keep on track and lose more weight.

It surprises me that so many people do not know how to weigh themselves properly.

They will come into the gym and step on the scale.

That won’t work because they ate all day and have clothes on.

Or they will weigh themselves on different scales which can be off by a lot.

Or they will weigh themselves at night which can be a 5 pound difference from the morning.

The correct way to use the scale is like this:

  1. Weigh daily on same scale
  2. First thing in the morning
  3. Naked
  4. After You have gone to bathroom
  5. Take weekly averages and compare to count for water fluctuations

Remember that weight loss is not linear on the scale. It might stay the same or even go up even though you are dieting.

Do not stress and just stick to the plan. You are more than likely gonna see a big drop soon!

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