Jenn’s One Hundred Pound Weight Loss Transformation

This is my client Jenn that lost 100 pounds!  It’s not every day that I’m impressed, but this is very, very impressive!  When I went back to look for her before pictures I took when we started, I wasn’t even sure if it was her’s, that’s how much of a change there is.  She looks amazing no doubt about it, she earned every bit of it.

Losing one hundred pounds is a big deal and doesn’t happen often.  It says a lot about a person and their ability to work hard and dedicate themselves…day in and day out, playing the long game.  Right from the get go Jenn was a pleasure to work with.  She would show up bright and early at 6am to train in the gym,  then continued with online when the gyms closed.

She was super easy to work with, never complained, never made excuses, she just did it.  The model or dream client is what I like to call people like her.  It is a team effort and I could not be happier for her, or more proud of her for what she has achieved.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me happy and make’s it all worthwhile.  To know first hand how her life will be vastly improved in every area possible.  It’s not about losing 100 pounds, it’s how losing one hundred pounds makes every second of every day better…much better!

She also did it with some major life events, with some close deaths in the family.  Most people would have given up but she buckled down and stuck to the plan.

I won’t go on anymore but below is her story she gave to me.  It is very inspiring and well worth the read.  Im sure you will enjoy it.

Jenn’s Story In Her Own Words


So here I am! 100 lbs. down! I put the work in and got the result! I could not have done any of it without Blaine! The win here is totally shared from my perspective. Congrats Blaine on getting me to this point! You are and continue to be the voice in my head that keeps me motivated and on track.

Blaine is very knowledgeable and a great trainer! I said some pretty weird things to Blaine when I first started training. Like when he put me on the calf machine. I was like, I don’t want my calf muscles to get any bigger. Obviously!! Like the goal isn’t to get bigger, it’s to get lean, fit, and toned and the best way to accomplish this is to lift weights and eat properly! DUH!! Or this one, hilarious! I remember saying to him “every time I get into a workout routine (which was never btw) and when I stop my chest gets bigger. Like WTF does that even mean!! The fact that he didn’t drop me as a client or worse laugh in my face goes to show what an amazing trainer he is! I literally laugh every time I think about this!

In my professional career I work with numbers. Here is how my 100 lbs. breaks down:

  • 48 hours = 6 months in the gym with Blaine prior to covid
  • 120 hours = 14 months in my home gym (covid)
  • Total 168 hours (works out to .2 lbs. a day loss)

It also equals.

  • 120 hours of listening to the Chainsmokers. Why I chose this band to work out to? No idea. But as you continue reading, for me it is all about routine and this was just another part of it.
  • 3 pairs of runners completely worn out (I didn’t even know you could wear runners out!)
  • 600 days of Blaine in my head (that’s some crazy sh** hahaha)
  • All of this together = 100% Happiness (cheesy but true!)

When I started this new commitment to be healthy, I didn’t really know. Like I really didn’t know anything. How would I actually feel? What is my ultimate goal? The only thing I did know for certain was that I was going to do it and stick to it! So here I am 100lbs down. I now weigh 131 lbs. and let me tell you all the hard work, early mornings and all the clean eating has profoundly helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. I can now truly set my ultimate goal! I didn’t know what it would be when I started. I had set many small goals and kept surpassing them. So, my final goal is set. I have 12 lbs .to go!

I have been asked this question a lot. So how do you feel? Honestly, I am the same person I was, just a little smaller. It is not surreal; it is not unbelievable. I put the work in and now have the results that I worked for! I have more energy; I am clear and focused and ultimately healthy! Another question I often get is So how did you do it? I hired a personal trainer he started me on a weightlifting program and a clean eating lifestyle. I work out in the gym 3 days a week (1-hour sessions so 3 hours/week).

After I had dropped about 50 lbs, covid hit. I was working from home and literally sat in my office and had no real movement outside of the few days a week I was in the gym. At this point I decided I wanted to add more activity on my days off from the gym, as I realized how much better it was making me feel.  On my off days I would wake up at the same time and do a 20-minute core workout and two 5K power walk (each walk is 38 min) This really helped break up the days and kept me mentally focused. I was so much stronger and in better condition after all the time in gym and the 50 lb weight loss.  I felt I was ready both physically and mentally to take it to the next level and it was something I wanted to do. Really manageable for me considering there are 24 hours in a day and doing this for myself equates to 1.5 hours. I could easily troll my phone or watch TV for the same amount of time, so I really think it is a good trade off as I still find the time to be unproductive on my phone! Priorities! ha-ha

If you are thinking about a lifestyle change, find Blaine Podaima at He offers in person and online training. Take it from me, both in person and online worked for me!! He is a true professional!


How It All Began


September of 2019 is when I made the decision to start this journey. I had not been feeling great for some time. Was having major dizzy spells (like every day) that would force me to basically lie on the sofa every day after work for the entire evening. I was not motivated for anything. I went to the doctor and was told your blood pressure is high and you need to lose weight, or you are going to force your body into a diabetic state. As it was, I found after blood tests that my blood sugar was totally off, and I started having to use the blood testing thing where you poke yourself like 6 times a day. This really shook me; I knew I needed a change immediately. I have always been the person who will find natural remedies for aches, pains, and everything in between. (Btw I put my daughter’s Arthritis into remission by changing her diet and researching all ways to avoid medication. But this story is for another time)

My husband was like, I’ll coach you and guide you for, maybe, karate belts, (he’s a karate black belt) I’m a pretty strong-minded person and I knew he would cave to me and that I would be able to hardcore manipulate him into letting me off the hook.

So I started researching personal trainers, knowing I needed outside help. I found Blaine online and decided to give him a call to see what he was all about. The introduction phone call with Blaine was so positive in that his program was designed to make ME 100% successful. Blaine was not about helping me get “skinny” but rather his program is designed around making me healthy, strong and lean. This is so different from other trainers and weight loss programs where they are so focused on helping one become a smaller size, get skinny and count calories. His education and years of experience were so impactful for me as I am a data driven person. I like to know the science and facts behind things like “water fluctuations, calorie deficit” and “weight loss isn’t linear”. Those of you who have trained with Blaine will understand you have to “trust the process” This mantra saved me on so many occasions when my diet was 100%, never missed a workout but I would gain a pound or two. I would initially get very discouraged, but now I know after training with Blaine for 20 months that what he says is TRUTH!

Here are some things that helped me achieve my goal!

Advice For Weight-loss Success – Remove All Obstacles.


This will mean so many things to other people. For me. I did not have a routine of working out and eating clean in over 15 years. So, this meant a few things needed to change for me to be successful. I am totally goals driven so I needed to make sure I was ready for these adjustments to my new lifestyle. Removing obstacles for me were not so hard, but I had a husband and 2 daughters that depended on me to cook and provide all the things that go along with running a household.

Obstacle #1 Food! First thing I did, was sit them all down to create a plan that would work for all of us. And by all of us, I meant me! I started with throwing away all foods that didn’t fit into my new life. There were still foods in the house for them, but I moved them all to the basement freezer. Out of sight out of mind? Hell No! I didn’t become over-weight because I ran stairs! I was lazy and seriously didn’t want anything bad enough that wasn’t at my fingertips. So, there was never going to be a time where I would go to the basement freezer for “bad food”. That is and was a guarantee!

Obstacle #2 Workouts! I didn’t want to work out. To over-come this, I would schedule my workouts at 6am. This meant I would get it over with at the beginning of the day, because I for sure would have cancelled my workouts at the end of the day. I would have used excuses like, too tired, meetings at work would extend later than expected, and the list goes on and on. I know myself!! I needed to have a trainer to be accountable to. Managing a workout schedule and diet myself was never going to work. I needed an accountability commitment to someone else.

Obstacle #3 Clothes! You are probably wondering why I would add this to my list. I would plan what I would wear in the morning to the gym. To remove ALL obstacles was my first goal. I love clothes and I never wear the same thing twice in a 3-week period. OMG, I sound insane! So consequently, to myself, I would wear the SAME workout clothes to the gym for the 2-3 times a week I would go. Yes, I would wash them between use! I would ensure my clothes including my shoes were beside my bed, laid out and clean the night before. Remember, I am at the gym at 6am. This forced me into a routine that would only work if I had a solid plan, as I would get up at 530am. Just so you know, I wore the same workout clothes until I was under 200 lbs. It was so amazing when I reached the 199 lb. goal, I was so happy! I went and bought a new workout outfit!

Obstacle #4 Routine! I had no routine except getting myself to work on-time and stopping at McDonalds to grab a breakfast sandwich. I started planning everything in my life. When to go grocery shopping, what am I going to eat for all meals. I would plan meals for the whole week. I would plan what I would wear, I would wake up and go to bed at the same time even on weekends. I would plan what I was going to eat if I had dinner at a restaurant. I would bring my own food if I was going to a friends for dinner. Everything in my new life was a known! I didn’t leave anything for chance. I had set a goal and I was 100% confident I was going to succeed. But planning and routine was the only way I was going to accomplish it.


Body Positivity. What Is This?


Is this the acceptance of yourself no matter your size? Is this allowing yourself to continue to eat your feelings good or bad? My definition will totally offend some.

Even at my heaviest (231 lbs.) I was happy. I felt I looked amazing. I dressed for my body. My definition of body positive is not being self-deprecating. I didn’t complain to anyone about my weight. I didn’t fall into a hole and talk about being fat and that nothing works. How can you? If you are overweight, it is because you did it to yourself (not in all cases in know!). You chose to have a bad diet and over-eat, and you chose not to be active.

This brings me to the present. I am happy, look amazing and still dress for my body. My sister and I have this saying ”nobody knows the size but you” whether you are a size 18 or size 4. When you wear clothes that actually fit you and accentuate your personal style and body type, you look amazing! I have been gifted with self-confidence, and size has never defined me.

To me, Body positivity is about how you feel about yourself at any size. It is not about being overweight and eating junk food. There is no way you will feel body positive if you sit around and binge eat.


Challenges I Faced


Travel: I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure. This meant a whole new level of planning. Eating in restaurants became very easy as someone else is cooking which was a total treat for me. I am now “one of those people” who orders and says hold this, hold that and can I add this! Seriously, I used to trash these people hard!! When travelling for work, meals are often pre-selected and pre-ordered, so I was unable to select from a menu. This meant being very selective and leaving food on my plate. But I had a goal, and I would hear Blaine in my head “it’s ok to be hungry sometimes” or my mom’s voice “you aren’t going to starve”. Super frustrating at times, but I conquered it! Also, while traveling I would always make sure I stayed in hotels with a proper gym (not just cardio equipment, had to have weights). Working out while being away was easy for me as daily workouts were part of my routine. I cannot imagine starting my day without with them.


Loss #1: So, I started my new lifestyle in September 2019. In November 2019, my dad suddenly passed away. My dad was such a huge part of my life that I wasn’t sure how I could move forward with the massive amount of grief and loss I was feeling. My dad was always interested in my diet and workouts, and we would talk about it incessantly. My dad was such a huge supporter that he would make sure all meals prepared for me at my parent’s house followed my diet. It was so thoughtful, and I will cherish those moments. Throughout the process of losing my dad, I found massive inner strength to continue on with my diet and workout. I felt I owed it to myself to continue to be strong and this was an excellent coping mechanism for me. My dad would be proud!


Loss #2: So in early 2020 covid hit! WTF. My partner (love of my life, best friend, husband) was laid off, I was working from home. My daughters in university remote from home. And the dog was living his best life!

For Valentine’s Day my husband surprised me with an entire home gym. I was like, I go to the gym why would you spend money on this!! Kind of annoyed to be honest. Like where is the jewelry and flowers!! Anyway, not a month later, I was obviously eating my words and was so happy to have all this equipment! For most, covid was horrible. For me, was amazing! I had my family at home, my gym in the basement, still had a job (that I love btw).

My husband was not coping the same as I was. He fell into a pretty huge depression, feeling under-valued and insignificant. He was also very close to my dad and still was processing his grief and loss. I would say he had too much time to think about everything and was spinning out of control. It was hard for me as I was so happy. I couldn’t relate and started resenting him. I couldn’t understand how he couldn’t just “be happy” Isn’t this what we have all wanted our entire adult life? To have a few months off to spend together?

We decided he would take a covid break and stay with a friend. This was end of June. A few days later the police came to my door telling me he had passed away. Again? Another sudden death? I wasn’t sure how to handle this. I was still grieving my dad; how do I go on. My partner, my best friend and all the other things he was to me and my daughters. I fell into a daze to say the least. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I wasn’t sleeping. I ate because I knew I should. “Sigh” I never thought I would be starting over at 45.

So again, my strength was being challenged. Good I had already been training with Blaine for 10 months. I didn’t want to “eat my feelings” I had already found my rhythm, and nothing was going to stop me. I did take a break from training for the summer to find my way. More than anything I didn’t have the energy to work out. I still walked outside everyday sometimes twice a day to clear my head.

I had to dig deep. I had to find a way to survive this. I knew I could, I just had to figure out how. I knew I had to be strong for my daughters. I knew my husband was my biggest supporter and fan. Before he passed away, there were many times when he would sit in our home gym while I worked out and cheer me on. Again, memories I will cherish forever.

Mother’s Day would have been the last holiday (if you will) that we were together in a gift giving environment. His last gift to me was a Squat Rack. So, I know that now I have to keep going. I can’t give up. I have to continue to do this for me! Not for him, not for my dad. But for me!

RIP my love.

Support In Form Of Family & Friends


So many people to mention! Let’s start! Mom& Dad, Aravind, Tianna, Catherine, Elizabeth& Renzie, Jeremy & Rita, Rachael & Brennan, Shonna, Shireen & Tom, The C Girls (Liz, Theressa, Jo-Ann), Kim & Brent, Heather, Vicky, Michele, Brigitte, Nicole, Brenda, Geoff, Jie & Jhette, Cheryl, Jessica, Darian & Jordan, Nick and Enzo. All of you played such a huge part in my success! You would let me talk about food, exercise, and my goals continuously! You let me believe (with tons of judgement) that cauliflower rice was delicious! Haha. You would cheer me on every time I hit a new goal. I know I have been annoying because I became obsessed with my goal. Love you all!


What I Have Learned



  1. I am stronger than I thought
  2. I have more fight in me than I thought
  3. I have found my inner strength and peace
  4. Working out with weights is the only way to be lean, strong and toned
  5. I actually found it easy to eat clean and workout
  6. Routine is the key to success
  7. Say no to things that don’t align with your values or lifestyle
  8. Enjoy the benefits and celebrate the milestones (just not with food!)
  9. Simple things make me happiest
  10. Walking isn’t to lose weight, it’s for a mental break.
  11. Food doesn’t control me
  12. Eating healthy makes me feel good and allows for greater productivity
  13. 8 hours of sleep is necessary
  14. Lastly, Motivation comes from within. Nothing exterior and nobody can ever make you lose weight and keep it off!


I am now enjoying my NEW Lifestyle. It is now a routine, and it is just what I do. NOTHING is going to stop me from enjoying life and whatever new and exciting challenges come my way!

Due to the length of this biography, I didn’t write about all the BENEFITS I feel.  That will be my next edition!  Stay tuned!

**Please note, this is my journey of my true-life experience. It is in no way written to say this is the only way to get healthy, but it is and was my way.


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