Shooting More Videos Home Setup

Yesterday I spent the morning setting up my room for shooting some talking videos for an project I’m working on,

I needed to cover the windows from the sun because I am using a curtain as a backdrop and want it dark with no sun showing through.

So I decided to tape foil to the windows which was one of the most annoying hours of my life.

Finally I finished it and was super pumped, so of course posted my achievement on FB.

Within minutes someone posted that will ruin the window with the gas/heat/reflection lol.

So I had to remove immediately.

Someone then recommended black garbage bags.

That worked great and was super easy to put up!

Only thing was once the heat hit it made my appartment smell like a plastic factory.

Whatever it did work well and I was able to shoot 30 videos over a couple of hours!

I am no going to go to home depot as apparently you can get cheap black blinds/paper to cover.

I really can’t wait until the gym is up and running and I can shoot my pics and videos in there, that will be super exciting!

Anyways here is some pics from yesterday’s events”


Round 1 Putting up Foil


Round 2: Then I had to take it all down and put up the garbage bags lol.  I was so annoyed!

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