“I’m So Frustrated!!! Whyyy Am I Not Losing Weight??”

I was scrolling through my FB yesterday and in one of the weight loss groups I belong in a woman was freaking out because she doesn’t understand why she is not losing weight.

She wrote a short novel on how she’s working out every day, HIT, using her app, counting her macros, was giving % breakdowns of her macros, telling us all her blood profiles, how much she was burning during workouts and on and on.

She was doing this for 2 years and was actually gaining weight.

My exact response: You are not in a calorie deficit/

Her: What do you mean?? My macro counter says I have to eat blah, blah, blah…

Me: It doesn’t really matter what any of that says if you are not losing weight you are consuming too much energy(calories) for what you are burning.

Anything else is really irrelevant.

Either you are not measuring right, you are inconsistent or you just need less cals period.

Sure it could be her tracking, sure it could be her consistency, sure it could be that she’s on the lower end of the metabolic rate scale.

Whatever though it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is she is eating too much damn food and calories and the proof is in the pudding as she isn’t losing any weight.

I don’t care what her app says.

I don’t care what her macro breakdown is.

I don’t care that she’s drinking 1.275 liters of water a day.

I don’t care if she’s intermittent fasting.

I don’t care if she’s carb cycling.

She’s stressed out? Nope don’t care about that either.

What I do care about is her energy balance and how much she is eating vs. burning.

That’s it period.

People really don’t understand how much food they actually need, which isn’t a lot.

Anyways, I dunno whatever happened to her as I left she was getting into an in depth convo with someone telling her to eat MORE calories as she was starving herself and her body was going into starvation mode.

At that point I had to checkout.

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