The One Thing You Should Be Doing Daily

Yesterday it was amazing outside! You could definitely tell that spring is in the air.

Before winter came and it got cold I was doing daily walks outside for about an hour.

I guess I could have kept it up throughout the winter and many people do but I’m not THAT hardcore lol.

Anyways, since it was nice yesterday and I have been cooped up with these lockdowns I went for an hour walk on my usual route…and man when I came back I felt great!

I put on one of my audiobooks, made a few phone calls and before I knew it I was back home.

Seriously I was not in the best of moods before I left and when I got back home everything was just “better.”

There are numerous studies on the benefits of walking outside for mental health.

Almost everyone reading this should be go able to go on a walk most days of the week.

I’m not saying you have to go for an hour but even if you start off with 20 minutes and go from there.

Will it help you lose a ton of weight quickly?


But it will help some.

What walking outside does though is it’s great for your mental and also physical health.

Especially for people that sit all day just simply walking will help big time with protecting you from heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Also, remember activities like walking can be cumulative so if you do 15 minutes at lunch and 15 after work that’s the same as 30 minutes all at once!

Now if you wanted to add some rocket fuel and drop some serious weight on top of these healthy benefits you should check out my 10 Pounds In 20 Days Challenge.

Either way you will get the health benefits from just walking but if you want to lose weight and add in some resistance training which is good for muscle mass and toning then the challenge is a good idea to checkout.

Funny thing to say, is that when people call me when I’m doing my walks I tell them I feel like an old man going for my daily walks and enjoying the outside.

It really is amazing at the little things in life you start to enjoy as you get older…like walking and being outside.

Who would have thought??

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