Should You Diet On Holidays And Trips?

In my earlier years I used to be hardcore and diet during holidays and trips and recommended that my clients do this as well.

However my stance on this over the years has changed 180 degrees.

I now tell people not to diet on holidays and trips.

Sure, you don’t have to eat everything in sight, but I don’t think you should really be worrying about it.

You want pizza, beers, and ice cream?

Go ahead.

Like I tell my clients, “what you eat on holidays and trips is going to make very little difference on reaching your weight loss goals. Im not concerned about those few weeks out of the year.

What I am concerned is about the other 50 weeks out of the year when you are at home. That is going to be the difference in you reaching your weight loss goals.

I like to think of holidays and trips as a time to let loose and maybe take some time off training as well.

Kind of a mental and physical break or taper.

Then when you get back go hard at it again!

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