Weight Loss Motivator: Tight Jeans

One thing that I tell my weight loss clients is that they should gauge their weight loss through their clothing and how it fits.

The best thing for this is to put on a pair of tight fitting jeans then compare how they fit from week to week.

They should start to feel looser and actually fit different from week to week as your body changes.

Putting on a tight pair of jeans weekly will also help keep you on track when your diet isn’t so good.

The worst thing a person can do is wear sweat pants/yoga pants for months on end while not eating great.

I believe part of this is done on purpose as they know they are putting on fat  but don’t want to feel it on their clothes as it will cause them stress.  So they avoid it all together.

Kind of a coping mechanism or out of sight out of mind kind of deal.

What happens is that a person will avoid putting on these “unforgiving” tight jeans perhaps for many months then when they finally try to put them on they cant even fit their leg into them or button them up without popping a button.

Then they really stress and freak out.

I believe that if this person was putting on these jeans weekly it would have stopped them from getting to that point and they would have got more serious about their diet earlier.

I also think that wearing tight clothing regularly makes it easier to stick to a diet.

I believe if you are wearing a tight pair of jeans it will make you think twice before eating crappy foods.



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