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Should You Drink Protein Shakes?

If there is one question I get asked all the time its “what do you think about protein shakes?” or “what kind of protein shake should I buy?”

For most people, and especially for people trying to lose weight I don’t think that protein shakes are a good idea.

They add to your calorie load without satisfying your hunger.

I would rather you get your calories from food as it will keep you more satisfied.

Let me explain:

When I make a diet for people the first thing I tell them is how much protein I want them to eat.

So say for example, I want them to eat 150g of protein per day.

Now they can either have roughly 3 protein shakes to get that or they could have roughly 3 chicken breasts to get that.

The people who had the protein shakes would hit their protein goal but would probably be starving and have a very hard time sticking to the diet.

The people who had the 3 chicken breasts would more than likely be quite satisfied and have a much easier time sticking to the diet.

The only time I think it is a good idea is when people have a hard time eating enough protein and they are not hungry.

But for most people, it is a better idea to get your protein from food.

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