What Time Of Day Is It Best To Workout?

People often ask what the best time of day to workout is.

Well that depends on a few things.

First of all your nervous system performs the best 3 and 11 hours after you wake up.

However unless you are a high level athlete in strength sports this will make very little difference if at all.

Usually you will perform the best at the time of day you are used to working out.

So if you always workout in the morning you will always perform best in the morning and if you always workout in the evening then that is when you will perform best.

This can be changed though. So for example, if you always worked out in the evening but for some reason needed to start training in the mornings, then the first week or so of training would be rough but once your body got used to it then you would start to perform better in the mornings.

I always tell my clients that if you have the option I always recommend training in the morning.

The advantages of training in the morning are:

  • usually the gym is less busy
  • usually traffic is better
  • after you workout you will feel great and rejuvinated for the day
  • if something unforseen comes up during the day or after work you will still have gotten your workout in.
  • by getting it out of the way the workout is not on your mind all day

So if you have the option, then train in the mornings. However if the morning is not your thing then do the evening. The important part is that you actually do it!

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