“I Hardly Eat Anything Yet I Still Cannot Lose Weight!”

I had a potential client call me last night. As I went on through the usual questions I got to the point where I asked her how her diet is.

This is how it went down:

Me: So how is your diet?

Her: It’s good! I hardly eat anything yet I still cannot lose weight…so annoying!

Me: What Did You Have For Breakfast?

Her: Bagel with Natural Peanut Butter And Some Orange Juice

Me: What Did You Have for Lunch

Her: Well it was a someones birthday at work so they bought in pizza and birthday cake…but that rarely happens!

Me: I believe you. So what did you have for supper?

Her: I had some whole wheat pasta with low fat hamburger meatballs

Me: Anything else throughout the day?

Her: Yes I was starving mid afternoon and I had yogurt and cheese for a snack.

Me: Ok

Her: It must be my metabolizms or thyroid hey? Im getting older!

Me: No. You are eating too much food. Have you ever seen pictures from famines or starving nations? None of those people are overweight…they are skin and bones.

Her: (long pause) BBBut….

You get the story. Not surprisingly this kind of convo goes on all the time when people call me.

When people can’t lose weight they are eating too much calories plain and simple.

Also, studies have shown that people always underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how much calories they are burning through exercise.

So if you can’t lose weight, measure and track your calories for a couple of weeks…very good chance you will lose weight. That is if you are eating in a deficit.

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