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“But It’s Just A Piece Of Cake Relax!”

I love my sweets, especially cookies, cakes, and pastries.

Lately for my cheat I been have having carrot cake, if it’s made well it’s hard to beat!

I can consume a very large number of calories in a very short period of time with any of the above foods and they are definitely a weakness of mine.

Which is why I NEVER keep anything like that in my place.

Anyways there was this girl in one of the FB groups showing a piece of cake saying, “how am I suppose to lose weight if my boyfriend keeps bringing stuff like this home?”

The usual answers were along the lines of, “it’s only a piece of cake you will be fine”, “just have a small piece”, etc.

My answer was much different however.

“Your boyfriend is sabotaging you. You will never do it if he keeps this up. Although one piece of cake is not a big deal in the overall calorie equation, by eating this cake you have destroyed any momentum that you have gained. If you keep bouncing around you can’t gain momentum which makes weight loss more way more difficult, and you will probably quit”

Momentum is key when it comes to weight loss.

Once you get in that groove weight loss and dieting is relatively easy.

But if you keep bouncing around you can never achieve that “sweet spot” and weight loss is next to impossible.

Both from a cravings point of view but also a mental point of view.

So yes a piece of cake may or may not be a big deal depending on how far along you are and how much momentum you have going.

If you are just starting out then yes it is a big deal.

If you have been going for a while it’s not such a big deal but this type of thing can spiral out of control pretty quickly.

For the most part have your cake for your planned cheat meals and keep it that way.

There is a psychological difference between having that piece of cake by blowing your diet and between having it during your planned cheat.

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