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Gym Progress Pics

Hey I know a lot of you do not have social media and I want to be able to show you my progress pics on my gym and the renovations and updates!  It was a spin cycle place before.  This is so exciting for me, it really is going to be something great for everyone!  Expected to be done and ready to go March-April!

This was the day I got the gym boy was I excited lol.


Then Next Was To Move My Equipment In!  Ideally I would have moved it in at the end when everything was done but the storage fees were adding up was almost 1k/mo, so by moving it in asap I prob saved 4-5k!

First phase of construction.  The place is 3000 sq. feet but most of it was bathrooms and front entrance and only 1000 sq feet for the gym.  It was a cycle place before.  So we have to tear down the bathrooms and make way smaller and open up space for the gym!  It is a shame though because the bathrooms were nice and it would have saved time and money but the gym would have been way too small!


Phase 2, This is the first time I can kind of visualize what it’s going to look like with the walls down!  Pretty pumped!

Here is the latest update as of Jan. 27.  They finally got it opened up and I have a good idea of how it is going to look!  It’s going to be great!

Progress pics as of Feb. 28/21.  Hoping to be open within a month…getting excited!!!

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