Gym Progress Pics

Hey I know a lot of you do not have social media and I want to be able to show you my progress pics on my gym and the renovations and updates!  It was a spin cycle place before.  This is so exciting for me, it really is going to be something great for everyone!  Expected to be done and ready to go March-April!

This was the day I got the gym boy was I excited lol. Dec. 15/2020.


Then Next Was To Move My Equipment In!  Ideally I would have moved it in at the end when everything was done but the storage fees were adding up was almost 1k/mo, so by moving it in asap I prob saved 4-5k!  Dec 17/2020.

First phase of construction.  The place is 3000 sq. feet but most of it was bathrooms and front entrance and only 1000 sq feet for the gym.  It was a cycle place before.  So we have to tear down the bathrooms and make way smaller and open up space for the gym!  It is a shame though because the bathrooms were nice and it would have saved time and money but the gym would have been way too small!  Jan 15/2021.


Phase 2, This is the first time I can kind of visualize what it’s going to look like with the walls down!  Pretty pumped! Jan 21/2021.

Here is the latest update as of Jan. 27/2021.  They finally got it opened up and I have a good idea of how it is going to look!  It’s going to be great!

Progress pics as of Feb. 28/21.  Hoping to be open within a month…getting excited!!!

Progress pics as of March 21/21.  They are starting to paint on Monday which will take a few days then lay down floor and put up equipment!  Hoping to be up in a couple weeks or so!

April 1/21  Paint is done now to put down the flooring, mirrors, and get equipment set up!  Almost there!

April 3/21 Progress pics.  Laid down over half the flooring and cleaned the dust off equipment outside!

April 6/21 Update.  Mirrors up and one TV.

April 11 /21 Update.  If everything goes good should be up in 1 week!

April 14/21 Got all the equipment in!  Just to put it together and ready to go!

April 17/21 This is the biggest day and what it is gonna look like!  So pumped!  I love it!

April 22/21 Update Signs are up!  We are almost there, 4 more sleeps!

April 26/21 my first day back at work after 408 days off and my final gym update.  This is pretty much it besides a few couches Im waiting for for the front area.  The day went better than I could have imagined!

Oct 13/21 Update.  As I started training people I realized that I could do certain things to optimize the gym and make it a better experience for my clients and give them more room. I moved some equipment around opened up an area and ordered some new benches.  This has been a great improvement in the overall experience and flow.  I am waiting for mirrors to be installed next week!


Long overdue update.  There have been many changes that I haven’t documented but it is time for an update. There are always small tweaks and changes I am making to the gym and my service to try and make it better for our clients.  It is an ongoing and never ending process.  April 20/23.


Finally my sign up July 11/23. This will be the last of the big changes to they gym!

Podaima Performance 40+ Private Gym

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