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“A Calorie Deficit Doesn’t Work For Me”

Once again I am going into the FB groups for content for you guys.

Of late it is my go-to for ideas…and there definitely is a lot of gold in them.

If you have the mental fortitude for all the crap that goes along with it.

One person was all distraught and she said, “a calorie deficit doesn’t work for me, what else could I do?”

To make it worse another person responded, “it doesn’t work for me either, I had to eat 6 small meals a day for it to work!”

Then she put some smiley faces, or I think it was the smiley face with the sunglasses on after it for full rustling effect.

She however was quite overweight herself.

Then I had to correct her and of course as FB is, we got into an argument.

Then she was arguing with me using the angry faces.

Nothing like arguing on FB with someone that you don’t even know, it’s insanity lol.

ANYWAYS, a calorie deficit means you are eating less calories than you burn.

When you eat less calories than you burn your body uses fat stores for energy.

This is how you lose fat.

It is impossible to be in a calorie deficit and not lose weight.

So when the woman said she wasn’t losing weight in a calorie deficit what was really happening was either:

  • she doensn’t have her maintenance calories figured out correct
  • she isn’t measuring/tracking properly
  • she isn’t consistent
  • she hasn’t given it enough time and since she didnt lose 20 pounds that week she decided it wasn’t working.
  • probaby a combination of these

Then to top it off when the other person responded that she had to eat 6 small meals a day for it to work was bad info as well, meaning the deficit only works for her if she eats 6 meals a day.

At the same calorie load it doesn’t matter how many meals a day you consume it over, a deficit is a deficit.

Remember the quick and easy rule for setting up a deficit. 10-12xBW calories is a good start for most and you will lose weight if you measure properly and are consistent. Some people may need to even drop it to the 8xBW but this is not common.

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