The Best Exercise For Getting Rid Of “Love Handles”

Everyone has their problem areas that drives them crazy and one of the most common ones are the “love handles.”

For one person it may be their love handles, for another it might be the back of their arms, yet for another they will hold all their fat below the waist.

This varies from person to person and comes down to mostly genetics and to a lesser extent hormones.

I will always get asked, “Blaine what can I do to tone up (whichever is the problem area)?”

The answer is simple, no matter what problem area you have, the solution is to keep losing weight, which means keep eating in a calorie deficit.

There is no other answer.

1000 crunches a day is not going to help you get rid of your love handles, however losing weight you will notice a difference.

There was actually a study where the subjects did a super high volume of abdominal training and at the end of the study it showed little to no difference.

In fact I think the subjects waists got bigger from the abdominal growth.

Then on the flip side I get women freaking out saying, “I don’t want to lose anymore weight on my chest, can you make it stop??!!”

Sorry I can’t do that either….

Fat is fat and we have no control over which spots the fat loss happens.

Yes life isn’t fair sometimes, I get it…kinda like when my hair started to fall out…oh I LOVED my hair lol.

But that’s a sad story for a another time.

Anyways, unfortunately you cannot target fat loss on specific body parts. Don’t worry that stubborn bodyfat will eventually go…you just got to keep losing weight.

So stick at it and be consistent and soon your problem areas will be no more!

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