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Fat Loss Workout For Advanced Female Part 2

My last article Fat Loss Workout For Advanced Female used volume as the main stressor (accumualation phase).  After 6 times that we do that workout the body will adapt so we must change it to see continual progress.  For the next 6 workouts we will use intensity as the main stressor (intesification phase).


Exercise OrderExerciseSetsRepsTempoRest Break (sec.)
A21 Arm DB Row48-1030X130
B1Back Extension 45 Degree48-10211130
B2Seated Overhead Press48-1030X130
C1Walking Lunge48-10301030
C2Reverse Crunch On Incline410-12301030
D1Row To Neck With Rope310-1231X130
D2Trap 3310-12311130

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