Fat Loss Workout For Advanced Female

My last post was a fat loss program for a beginner.  Now when designing a program for a more advanced person a lot of the exercise design parameters are going to change.   The more advanced trainer will have a more efficient neurological system, will be able to tolerate higher levels of intensity/density and will be able to recover faster.

Here is a sample that I would use for one day for an advanced female in the accumulation phase of the program.  It will be a full body workout alternated with another full body workout.  Workouts will take about 45 min and will be done 3-4x/week for maximum results.  After 6 workouts the program will switch to the intesification phase which will last for 6 workouts.  I will post that workout in my next article.  A workout like this will be hard but will torch those unwanted pounds off fast!


Exercise OrderExerciseSetsRepsTempoRest Break (sec.)
A1Bulgarian Split Squat415301115
A2Lat Pulldown Neutral Grip415311115
B1Incline DB Press 80 Degree415311115
B2Romanian Deadlift415301115
C1Leg Press41540110
C2Calf Raise On Leg Press415211115
D1Upright Row31531110
D2Bent Over DB Laterals315201015


2 thoughts on “Fat Loss Workout For Advanced Female”

  1. Anna Sipinski


    How does one interpret the tempo? What does 3011 represent?

    I have kept up the weight lifting as taught by you and this information will help me. Make sure I’m doing it properly. 🙂


    1. Blaine Podaima

      Hi Anna I answered your question here.

      I will make a video soon explaining it.

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