Sample Fat Loss Workout For Beginners

Here is a sample fat loss workout that I would give to a beginner.  It is a rough outline and may need to be adjusted depending on the current fitness levels and special needs of the person.  Severely deconditioned people will need to start out at a longer rest break, then reduce from workout to workout.  I always advise people when starting to workout to only push themselves to a 6/10, then can be ramped up as time goes on.  Tempos are controlled and slow to learn proper exercise technique and train the nervous system.  This program will give you some muscle gain with fat loss and start you off in the right direction to give you that nice toned look.  I would alternate this workout with another full body workout similar in structure.  For the beginner I would do each workout 6-10 times before switching to a new program.

Exercise OrderExerciseSetsRepsTempoRest Break (sec)
A2Lat Pulldown Underhand Grip2-315-15401160
B1Leg Curl Prone2-310-12411160
B2Standing DB Press2-312-15411160
C1Step Up2-315-20211160
C2Calf Raise Standing2-315-20211160
D1Row To Neck With Rope2-312-15311160
D2DB Side Lateral2-312-15201060




2 thoughts on “Sample Fat Loss Workout For Beginners”

  1. Anna Sipinski

    Hi Blaine,
    How are you? Good articles you are sending out. What does the 4011 tempo represent? Could you please explain how to interpret the numbers.

    1. Blaine Podaima

      Hi Anna I’m doing great thanks! Glad you are liking the articles. So for tempo:

      First number=eccentric part of the exercise or muscle lengthening
      Second number-the part when the exercise goes from eccentric to concentric
      Third number-the concentric or muscle shortening
      Fourth number- the part when the exercice goes from concentric for eccentric

      An X represents as fast as possible.

      So for example a Squat at a 4321 tempo would mean:

      It would take you 4 seconds to go down, 3 second pause in the bottom, 2seconds to go up, then a one second pause on top before you begin the next rep.

      Hope this makes sense if not let me know and I will try to explain better!

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