How To Increase Your Chances Of Sticking To A Diet By 300%

If you want to get your dream body then there is no doubt about it you will definitely have to follow some sort of diet plan.

So how do you greatly increase your chances of sticking to your diet plan?

You workout.

Yes, working out is the glue  that holds  your diet together.

It is easier to diet when you are working out and vice versa.

It is way more difficult to do either on their own, but done together they exponentially increase adherence, and in turn success.

Yesterday a former client came into the gym to drop off some money she owed me.

I haven’t seen her for a couple of months and I could tell that she gained some weight.

She told me, “it’s so hard to diet when you are not working out, I want to start training with you again!”

This is so true.

It’s like this for me, my clients and almost everyone I know.

Once the person stops working out the diet will follow.

It is a “coupling effect.”

The solution is really simple: start working out and keep working out.

You don’t have to kill yourself everyday. A light workout is all you need a few times a week to not only lose weight and keep your diet together but also for health benefits.


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