What You Can Learn From Drug Addicts And Alcoholics

In a sense people who are overweight are like drug addicts and alcoholics.

They are addicted to food, but not just any food. The main culprits are high carb, high fat foods.

Of course this wouldn’t be a problem if they were addicted to lean meat and vegetables.

Overweight people have a hard time regulating these kinds of foods, thats why they must be eliminated from the diet.

Just like an alcoholic or drug addict. They must completely remove these substances from their lives  as if they have been to a rehab! For instance, drug rehab nashua nh. There is no moderation. Although places like Tennessee Rehab can treat addiction, but losing weight is much more difficult if you are not determined and completely dedicated to your weight loss plans.

It’s all or nothing.

This goes the same for preparing your house for weight loss.

You must remove your weaknesses (high fat, high carb) foods from your house.

Sooner or later you will cave in.

This would be the same as keeping a stockpile full of booze for an alcoholic…it just wont work.

You know sooner or later they will crack.

I used to buy foods for my cheat day/meal. Ice cream, chips, whatever. Don’t get me wrong I like my junk food just as much as the next person. Since I would feel bad about throwing out good food I would be like, “I’m going to save all this junk food for my next cheat meal next week.”

Do you think that food made it till my next cheat meal a week later?

No way in hell!

Sooner or later I would give in and eat it. Now I would be super pissed because I blew my diet. I’m like saving the $20 or whatever in food was not worth the way I feel from blowing my diet.

From now on once my cheat meal is done I throw out everything so that I am no longer tempted.

This is why one of the first things I tell clients to do is to totally remove all non diet foods from their house.

It just makes sense.

Like the saying goes, “Just Do It”


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